Yahoo Customer Service


Yahoo Customer Service does offer a phone number to contact them. However, this is only for paid or Pro Yahoo accounts. The best way for free Yahoo accounts to contact Yahoo is through their help website

Yahoo the webs most popular portal and is a huge source of internet news and content. Yahoo’s customer support is not one of their strong points. However, if you are patient and use their online features you can get decent support from Yahoo.

Yahoo is now part of Oath a digital media company that is owned by Verizon. Oath also owns AOL, Tumblr, Outlook, MSN, Huffpost,  Moviephone and many other websites and portals. 

Oath will also run Yahoo email, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Search Yahoo News and Yahoo Sports. 

Yahoo Pro (Paid Accounts): 1-800-305-7664

Yahoo Customer Service
Yahoo Customer Service

Does Yahoo! offer a customer service phone number?

Yes, they do it is 1-800-305-7664. However this is only for paid Yahoo accounts. You can sign up here and it may be worth it if can’t get help with your free account.

Do you list a page for problems with Yahoo email?

Yes we have a page for Yahoo mail here.

Does Yahoo have a phone number to their corporate offices?

Yes that phone number is 1-408-349-3300. Also, here is a link to comment or review Yahoo’s corporate offices.

Where is the Yahoo Customer Service Contact Us Page?

That is here at this link.

Who owns Yahoo?

Verizon owns Yahoo, they operate the business through an umbrella company called Oath. Oath also operates AOL. 

Are my Yahoo emails Private?

No, your emails are being used by Yahoo/Oath to target advertising to you. This is how they offer free email by charging the advertisers for your data.

Who is the new CEO of Yahoo?

The new CEO is Thomas McInerney. However, the new company will be branded Altaba. This will consist of Yahoo! Japan.

Who started Yahoo?

Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo! at Stanford University in 1994. Yahoo went through the .com bubble of the late 90s and early 2000s and has struggled to keep up with Google and other social websites.

What is the parent company of Yahoo!?

Oath is the parent company of Yahoo! Oath is owned by Verizon.Oath Inc.770 BroadwayNew York, NY 100031-212-652-6400



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  • My e-mail is locked out and I am not able to recover my mail. The e-mail address that I have been using is, [email protected]. I had about 3,000 messages that’s un-read. The system that my computer have been using is not being taken any more. I was using the computer and reading my e-mail when an alert pop-up appeared and I lost my e-mail usage.

  • who the hell would boring page yahoo needs a lot of work long page nothing but moron demorats insults stupid people we should have the choice of delete that junk.

  • I’m having the same issue I can’t receive the email from Facebook so I can reset the password on my FB account Wich was hacked and of course I changed my phone number and didn’t change it on FB before my account was hacked so I can’t even have them text me a code to reset the password and so far not getting any type of hell from Yahoo or fb

  • I keep getting a “Timed Out” message and to reenter my sign in info. I do. And I’m right back at the “Timed Out” message!!! I’m in a loop!!! Can’t get out!!! Help!!!

  • Since Yahoo screwed up and sold out to verizon then to oathe your company has definately gotten worse. Your home page is slow and impossible to read most of the time and the idea of giving up my security to you is ignorant. You are ten times worse than you use to be and getting worse every day your in business! No wonder people are leaving you for other venues!

  • There customer servive does suck. They do not seem to care. I need to change my password and can notgat a key from them cause I do not have a back up or a cell number.

  • Im having the exact same issue but cannot figure out a way back into my email account. I changed my phone number recently and now im locked out of my account keeps telling me uh oh and to put my old number in to send a verification code. Did you perhaps figure something out to contact them. Need help ASAP. Thank you.

  • YAHOO SUCKS–BEEN trying to get into my facebook account for the past hour and can not get into it. Need phone number but can not find one anywhere. Really sucks

  • The same thing happened to me. Someone called an old credit card company that I no longer use and had them send a new card to an address in Georgia…and I live in a different state! Thank god the credit card company sent me a letter stating they updated my address. I called them today, closed the account and reset all my info back to me…Yahoo better frickin do something about their crappy customer service

  • Yeah I have the same problem .my phone broke got new one new number . Yahoo set my pass word to a key thing .can’t get into my Account. I had this e_mail for almost 20 help me out

  • Your customer service sucks !!! I need to get into my email account on new laptop, I no longer have phone number or email used as a back up to get a fricken sign in code and no phone number to call to get this resovled. one would think a phone number is something such a large company could fricken handle, im sure im not the only person to have this simple to fix if i could talk to a god dam person issue

  • four days ago my password quit working its same e mail address but you no longer let me see these e mails also i cant seem to change my password because i now have a different cell number and yahoo has no phone number to call for help dam looks like i will be google customer now thank you for nothing yahoo and hello g mail

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