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Bose® consumer products include headphones, speakers, tabletop stereos and more.

Bose Corporate
The Mountain
Framingham, MA 01701 USA

Mon. – Fri., 8:30 AM – 9 PM ET
Sat., 9 AM – 6 PM Depending on Service

More Bose® Phone Numbers
Tech Support: 1-800-380-4831
Sales: 1-800-379-2073
Corporate Number: 1-508-879-7330
L1® Systems: 1-800-905-0886
Delivery, Setup, Installation: 1-888-757-9952
Home Building & Remodeling: 1-877-633-4405
Automotive: 1-800-231-2673
Professional Systems: 1-877-428-2673
Consumer Sales & 1-800-379-2073
Education Discount: 1-800-353-4207
1-800-444-2673 press #2 for Technical Support

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Phone Hint
1-800-999-2673 Direct to human.


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1/26/2017 Bose - I have in the past bought (2) lifestyle systems,
I have in the past bought (2) lifestyle systems, (7) 3-2-1 systems, (2) pair of large outdoor eco speakers, (1) Bose TV, (1) pair of flush mount speakers, (1) pair of shelf speakers, (4) amps, (1) computer speaker system, (3) waive radios and several small wireless speakers and headsets. Up until this year I have never had an issue with customer service. I have praised the service as the best in the world of any kind. I have no idea what has happen? The connection was so noise it sounded like there were 30 people talking in the background at the same time. The assistant first off all said they could only find a 321 system in my file. Right! Then they found it. They only half way listened to my problem but quickly decided I needed a soft wear upgrade to my lifestyle 48 to help me edit the library. They sent it and it was not what I needed I was put on hold four times and was on the phone for well over an hour. Not until I insisted that I speak to a manager did I get someone to listen to the reason I was calling. WHAT HAS HAPPENED to BOSE?

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1/4/2017 Repair and Operations for Bose - Where is my CD player?
Dear Repair Operations,
On Monday, November 21, I received an E-Mail from you stating that my product had been repaired, repair order number T20271162, but you were having a problem processing my credit card. I called your priority number and talked to Cindi. She did some calling around and supposedly got the problem solved. She said that I would receive the product shortly.
It is now 6 weeks later and I have not received anything yet. I have called several times. I talked to Gerald on 12/5/2016, LIVZ on 12/12/2016, and to Linda, Lois, and Chris.
I also called customer service and talked to Suzie and Amanda. I think Amanda was in a different department. She went away for a while, and when she came back she said everything was ok and I would be receiving my product right away.
The current activity on my credit card has 3 pending charges from Bose for $1.00 each, all dated 12/26/2016. What are these?
Please send me an E-mail and let me know what is going on!
Still No CD player,

James Read More
1/4/2017 Will never buy another Bose product again!
Will never buy another Bose product again!

Short version, husband's wireless bluetooth headphone quit working in 1 ear (after 4 months). Spoke with customer service, and they were very nice. Said they would send out replacement the next day and gave me a return label to ship back old headphones. I even asked if I had to wait until they received the broken tech and was told no. I great company with excellent customer service.

Email I received that day said "Please expect delivery of your shipment in 7-10 business days" and "Please expect delivery of your shipment in 7-10 business days."

Fast forward 3 weeks. No head phones yet (they said 7-10 business days so I waited until the requisite time passed). Checked on order, and it said that nothing had been shipped yet.

Call #1, customer service tells me that UPS had no record of receiving my return and if the return label wasn't scanned, so they could not send replacement. (Mini-freak-out ensues until I see that, indeed, UPS had my package it would be delivered to Bose the next day).

Call #2 spoke with customer service (10 + minute wait), who looked at my order and had to transfer me to tech support (5+) minute wait. I briefly explain the previous call and they said that the tracking information matches and the headphones will be delivered to me tomorrow...because they were looking at the shipping information for the return coming to them!

Obviously, I am a bit perturbed at this point and stated that this is not the information I was told upon the initiation of the return.I even read the email that I received from Bose and I was told that I was wrong and that is not what the email said. I ask how long it will take them to process the headphones once they receive them and I was told 3-5 days, then 5-10 days to ship. The guy keeps telling me that I misunderstood and that I was wrong. That the information that I was telling him was not what I was told when I initiated the return. He then asks if I would like to speak with a manager. Put back on hold. Music stopped about 10 minutes and call is now at 36:06 with no sound on the line for the last 10 minutes.

Call #3 Hold (10+ minutes). Speak with transfer to tech support this time. I said that I had an issue with my return, was waiting to speak with a manager when the line went silent (no hold music that I had heard up to that point). After 10 minutes of line silence, I called back.

Basically when it all was said and done, I have to wait for them to receive the headphones, process the headphones, pray they still have that same model in stock at that time, wait for the order to be released, wait 1-2 business days for processing time and 5-10 business days for shipping.

If they would have let me know this from the start that would have been fine, but after all these calls, I have a headache!! I will never buy another Bose product again!! So many companies have better customer service, its not worth the hassle!!

Marie Read More
12/28/2016 While I do like BOSE products my last experience
While I do like BOSE products my last experience with their customer service has changed that! After placing my order on December 6th I called to question why I had not received an e mail confirming my order with the reply being once the item is ready to ship then an e mail is generated. On my third and fourth call I was told of an inventory issue. On my final call I was informed that there was an order entry problem and if I had not asked what the issue was this person was going to hang up. As of today I do not have my order, December 28th, forget about a Christmas present and BOSE!

John Read More
11/27/2016 i bought the bose soundtouch 10 speakers too go
i bought the bose soundtouch 10 speakers too go with tme sound bar.and the sails person said all u have too do is plug them in.he never said u have too have a smart phone too use them.whitch i dont i cant use them.too mutch tecknolagy any phones and tvs r making every one dum.there dumbing us all down so when they turn off all this smart crap no one is gonna now how too suvive.and i gave this a one star cause it wont let me give a it a 0,.

larry Read More
11/17/2016 I have a question I just bought a bose for my
I have a question I just bought a bose for my Samsung tv the volume only gives a plus or minus ive called my cable company and they said call bose been on phone 1hr what the heck anyone know how do I get the numbers to show what the volume is

bob Read More
7/5/2016 Bose - It should be noted over the years I or a member of
It should be noted over the years I or a member of my household has purchased: 3 Lifestyle Systems, a wave music system, 2 mini-sound speakers, 3 portable speakers (2 with blue tooth for iOS devices), 2 Q3 headphones and 2 cordless headphones with Bluetooth for iPhones/ iOS devices. After reading the following loyalty to BOSE may be non-existent. The following is also the reason I am rating their customer service (if you can call it that) a 1

July 2, 2016

To Whom it may concern,

I am wondering where my order is? The following is information

Purchased June 16, 2016
Order #: (order number was inserted here)
PO # (PO number was inserted here)


I received an email confirmation on June 17, 2017 stating the order had been shipped with a UPS tracking # of (Tracking number inserted here) . I tried to track it for 3 days but UPS was unable to find the package.

I then called BOSE to get a status update. I never did get a clear answer as to where my order was. I was told that the order was shipped out regular mail and would take approximately 7 days. It has been more than a week since last contact with BOSE (and 16 DAYS since I placed the order) and the Audio Cable still has not arrived. Where is it?

I was planning to use the Q3 head phones on a recent flight to San Francisco. However; with the cable not being delivered (and still not delivered) that could not happen. I am now planning another flight in very near future and would like to use the Q3 head phones. To say the least, I am more than frustrated and actually UPSET and more than a little PO’ed with the way this order has been handled. I am not use to this from BOSE.

So I am asking where is my Purchase of June 16 ( Order # ). How can I escalate this concern to your Customer Retention / Relations department?

A formerly happy customer but with a changing of attitude,

My name here

John Read More
2/29/2016 Bose - I bought new head phones and they don't work now
I bought new head phones and they don't work now I'm in mexico with my old set that are ready to break

chris erickson Read More
11/24/2015 I give Bose a Zero star rating!
I give them a Zero star rating!!!!!! I recently purchased a Bose Cinemate 520 home speaker system for the price of $1599.99. I installed all the speakers, wires, and placed the acustimass module. I tuned the console to 14 as instructed by the operators manual. I followed the voice prompts which instructed me to place the headset on my head and move to the first listening position in the room. The system played a calibration tune, and instructed me an error had occurred. "Error code 1, please contact customer service." Soi I tried the customer service telephone number, listened to repetitive music over and over again for greater than 45 minutes. So I tried a second time later in the day, approximately 4:30 pm CST, and the automated voice said my wait time could be longer than 20 minutes. I waited 52 minutes listening to that same repetitive music until I had to take another call in which a live human being (relative) was waiting to talk to me.... WHAT IS ERROR CODE 1? HOW DO I FIX IT? Tried to email them at (contact us).... however every time when I try to send the email; guessed it, an error has occurred, please try again.

one pissed off mother (trucker) Read More
8/13/2015 I bought a Bose Cinema 120 I'm very happy
I bought a Bose Cinema 120 I'm very happy I couldn't program my control remote so I call tech
support, He was very patience and he answered all my questions and my control remote is programed now
I'm super happy with their service they have an EXCELLENT !!!!! TECH SUPPOR SERVICE

roxy Read More
4/30/2014 Thank you Bose Customer Service
Thank you Bose Customer Service for expediciously answering my question that Apple's mini iPad with lighting connector does NOT work with Bose SoundDock® Series III Digital Music System (with Lightning Connector). I'll focus on choosing an iPod that is compatible with Bose SoundDock. Most sincerely, Julie

Julie Read More
4/18/2014 Does anyone have a phone number for Bose?
I am dialing the number provided above and it WILL NOT go through. It keeps telling me to check the number and redial. Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE give me a WORKING PHONE NUMBER -
P-L-E-A-S-E!! If anyone knows the price or anything about the BOSE SL2 Wireless Surround Link can you please email me any information?? I don't even have directions for it. I am truly grateful for any help. Thank you so very much. Gloria

Gloria Read More
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