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'Louis Vuitton is famous for high-end luggage and handbags. The company also makes fashionable watches, jewelry, scarves and sunglasses.

Louis Vuitton USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
East 57th Street # 1,
New York, NY 10022
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-758-8877
Fax Number: n/a
Email Address: n/a
Stock Symbol: MC

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-866-884-8866 Review Needed Please Comment


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11/13/2015 Louis Vuitton - I will never buy another lv bag. I have been
I will never buy another lv bag. I have been carrying lv bags since the seventies. I recently purchased a bag in the lv store in the Macy's New York store. I bought it as a gift . The person did not want it . I live in Pa near king of Prussia . I tried to return the bag there after 31/2 weeks. I was never told about a fourteen day return policy to get a charge credit . The girl in the King of Prussia store told me I had to return it back to New York . I then made a special trip back to New York and was told I could not get a charge credit only a store credit. I was appalled on two levels . First, a company as prestigious as lv only has a 14 day return policy. This is totally inconvenient for most shoppers. Secondly, the store personnel were disrespectful . Walmart has a better policy as does Macy's. I am going to call my credit card company to dispute the charge and put reviews on Yelp and other social network

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7/7/2015 Louis Vuitton - I wanted to buy my wife something she wanted
I wanted to buy my wife something she wanted for her 40th bday so on June 2nd we went to the Saks Firth Av store on Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN and we purchased 3 bags, spending $5649. She used two bags and then about a month later took out the 3rd one to use it while we were about to go for a concert. She noticed that there were a lot of scratches on the top golden molding of the bag. She immediately called the LV store but was met with rude and curt behavior and the insinuation that she was lying about it. She went to the store the next day and left the bag there for the manager (who wasn't present at the moment) to see. The manager called after a couple days and again the same kind of behavior was dealt to my wife. Now, its not the money that bothers her. We are both doing well, but its the behavior that an entity like this shows that is shocking! It sounds racist! This is the last time they get our money or our friends'

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4/22/2015 Louis Vuitton - Worst Customer Service Ever at the South Coast
Worst Customer Service Ever at the South Coast Plaza LV store in Orange County, California
I took my Neverfull bag to LV because the rim stitches were opening and the leather was getting torn, they said they cannot fix it for no convincing reason but highly recommended a repair shop in Fashion Island that can fix luxury bags and they have dealt with him. They also gave me his business card. I go to the shop get my bag fixed, charged for $150 just for the rim, it came out ok, but looked like a fake bag!
a month later the piece hanging from the side broke, so I took it to the store to get a new one, usually costs $170 to replace. They REFUSED to fix it or order a new piece because I took the bag SOMEWHERE ELSE to repair the rim!!!!!! I told them I went there per your recommendations because you refused to fix my bag... worst attitude ever!
I bought the new Artsy on Valentines Day..if I knew this would be their response I would have never bought from them anything! I used to love carrying my LV everywhere but now I feel disgusted!

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8/26/2014 Louis Vuitton - Don't buy anything from the LV store in Raleigh.
Don't buy anything from the LV store in Raleigh. The worst customer service ever!! Rude and WalMart gives way better service than they do.

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4/19/2014 Louis Vuitton - I ordered a LV bag online and I did not get a shipping confirmation
I ordered a bad online on Apr 9, 2014. Today is Apr 19, 2014, the order status is still pending but my credit card had been charged right away. I was supposed to receive a email shipping confirmation within 2 days. However, no any updated information about my order received. I sent email to customer service many times, but no response to me. This is my first time purchasing LV products online. I really feel disappointed and even don't know how to cancel my order and get my money back!I just hope somebody can answer my email ASAP!

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3/19/2014 I've had a Louis Vuitton purse for ages and I am
I've had a Louis Vuitton purse for ages and I am very happy with it. It is roughly about 23 years old. I love my bag, but the zipper handle part broke. Many individuals have told me LV Stands behind their product and will replace it. I still have the lock but no key. I love my bag and want it fixed, even if I have to pay for it.

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2/28/2014 All of Louis Vuitton products are being made in China
That's because all of their products are being made in CHINA. They fly them back to France and then they put their tag in it, so they can get away from having that "Made in China" tag attached.

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12/31/2013 Unpleasant experience with sales rep from Louis Vuitton
I, too, had an unpleasant experience with sales help at the Louis Vuitton Store in the Sach's around 51st Street in NYC on Saturday 12/28/13. The staff was incredibly rude and unhelpful. Stood there "chatting" amongst themselves as my daughter and I stood waiting for help. Finally the one woman who reluctantly agreed to help us provided me with misinformation, telling me that the product I wanted existed, that they had had one, but as soon as it came in, it was sold as it was not a common item. She suggested I call 1-800-VUITTON (not even the correct #) and that they would put me in touch with a store directly who carried the elusive item. Damier Azur Checkbook holder.
I just now found this site with the correct # and called. The girl, Erica, that I spoke to was wonderful!!! Kind and pleasant and sincerely apologetic for the insincerity of the Vuitton store employee. She exhausted every avenue and found that the check book holder does not even exist in the Damier Azur pattern. She also stated that no matter how much an item costs, no employee of any store has the right to be so rude and unhelpful and insincere to a customer!!
I love my Louis Vuitton bag and worked very hard to save the money to pay for it and the matching wallet. I am so sorry that so many have had such bad experiences with the Company. Maybe it is time they had better training for their employees and realized how fortunate they are to have a product that so many are willing to pay big bucks for!!!

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11/3/2013 Louis Vuitton - Why don't you have a telephone number for
Why don't you have a telephone number for ordering? Is something FISHY with your website?

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10/31/2013 Louis Vuitton - I am posting this for a friend who is older and
I am posting this for a friend who is older and does not use the internet. Her and I took an extremely beautiful LV from the 90s to the store in Ross Park Mall, Pittsburgh PA to be looked at; the inside pocket's leather started crumbling and turning into an oily substance. The bag has only been worn maybe 5 times in the last 20 years, and is in perfect condition besides the pocket. The manager at the store was completely worthless, he find the name of the bag, didn't know what to do with us, etc so he told us he would contact their repair department and see if anything could be done. It has been 2 1/2 weeks, and after multiple calls to their customer service line and back to the store, the manager usually refuses to call my friend back. He did once, and he offered that the bag she has is coming back into production and maybe she'd like to purchase a new one. She basically has a new one already, why would she want to buy another? All she wants them to do is the fix the inside pocket, and she offered to pay for some of the cost, and they will not assist her! Both my friend and I have multiple LV bags (she has MANY from the 80s and 90s that are in beautiful condition) and cannot believe the run around that this company is giving her! I'm not sure if she will ever purchase a LV bag again, I know I won't!

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10/6/2013 Louis Vuitton - I will NEVER purchase another LV product. My
I will NEVER purchase another LV product. My husband purchased a bag and wallet for our anniversary a year ago. Recently the boning in the seaming began to protrude. It was minimal, but for the amount of money that was paid for the bag, and the extremely delicate treatment I give it, I felt it should not have presented such a flaw. When I took it in, they told me they would send it in to see if it was a manufacturer defect or due to normal wear & tear. They said if it was normal wear and tear I would be charged $175 for the repair. Since I was certain it was NOT wear & tear I agreed to send it off. 3 weeks later they contacted me and said it WAS, so I was stuck with paying $175 to get my bag back. When I went to pick it up I spoke to the manager,, hoping I could reason with her, but it was like talking into a black hole. There was no empathy, no reasoning, nothing. I would have much rather invested that $175 into upgrading to a different bag. Their customer service is horrible! My daughter, step daughter and numerous other friends carry LV BAGS and all have been appalled at my experience. Please, please, please think twice before investing your hard earned money into such an unscrupulous and insensitive company. There are many other choices for high end designer bags and accessories. Please don't endorse this company by purchasing their products!

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