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3/10/2017 SUNOCO - Stopped at the E.. Patrick Henry Rd station in
Stopped at the E.. Patrick Henry Rd station in Ashland, Va. swiped my card it said see the cashier, first time ever. The lady had me pre-paid the purchase. Put the hose in the car, pressed regular $2.13 But the. Pump delivered Ultra- Premium 93 at $3.00 a gallon. Rip Off.

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10/10/2015 How come when I go to the Sunoco Gas station at
How come when I go to the Sunoco Gas station at Cottman St.& Roosevelt Blvd(Philadelphia 19136)to get gas I can only gas up 1 car a day and I have @ cars. Today I gassed up my wife's car and about an hour later I tried my car and got INVALID CARD message at the pump.Why should I have to go inside and guess how much gas I'll be getting.

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6/2/2015 SUNOCO - To Whom It May Concern,I have been an extremely
To Whom It May Concern,
I have been an extremely faithful Sunoco shopper for over 20 years. I buy my gas, cigarettes and coffee everyday at Sonoco. I stop every day after work around 12am and the past few months I haven't been able to get coffee. This is extremely disappointing to me because not only does it save me time in the morning but I prefer cold coffee so I can just put it in the refrigerator and its perfect by morning and Sunoco coffee is my favorite. I always get 3 xl coffees for my husband mother and I. I brought it up with a gentlemen who was working there a couple of weeks ago and he assured me that there would be coffee at night from now on and if there wasn't all I had to do was ask and they would make it for me. Tonight 6/1/15 when I went in Sunoco after work there was a person working that I have never seen before and I asked him if he would make coffee and he said that he couldn't because if he did there wouldn't be enough for the next day. When I told him that I was assured that there would be coffee from now on at night he got an attitude with me and said that he was the only guy that works there and that I was lying. He was extremely rude. It really pains me but after this experience and lack of coffee I will be taking my business to 7-11 from now on because they have no problem making me two pots of coffee when I ask. And I guess I will start going to Get Go for my gas they are never rude to me. Extremely disappointed and missing my Sunoco coffee.
Allison Sydeski
The Sunoco that I am talking about is the one at 4639 Clairton Blvd Pittsburgh PA 15236

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4/7/2015 Sunoco 0179743000 L336416223001 150th ave &148th
Sunoco 0179743000 L336416223001 150th ave &148th Jamaica 11430 . The cashiers never have change to give you, so they keep your changes however if that isn't bad enough today at 5 o'clock I went to gas up they left a note on the cashier booth saying go to 7-Eleven At least 200 or more feet away from the gas pumps if you want to pay cash. Your other alternative is to pay Credit or debit and that cost 20- 25 cents more per gallon of gas highway robbery at this station. They steal your money one way or the other.

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4/7/2015 My name is Roseann I go to the Sunoco station a
My name is Roseann I go to the Sunoco station a cop in the boulevard you have associate there by the name Tom and he's the only reason I go to get my gas there he is so nice and honest.

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3/14/2015 SUNOCO - Customer service sucks. 521 Monmouth rd Jackson nj
Customer service sucks. 521 Monmouth rd Jackson nj 08527

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10/11/2014 I just left the Raynham, MA Sunoco and I was very
I just left the Raynham, MA Sunoco and I was very displeased with the customer service. The clerk interrupted my conversation to add her opinion which was completely invalid. When I politely responded she was not a part of my conversation, she then proceeded to call me a loser. I and my friends, and family have always used Sunoco feeling that their grade of gas matched Shells quality. Now I will be taking my and my friends, and families business to Shell. Where the employees are well trained in customer service. I know, because I once worked at shell, also Hess is a better choice than Sunoco at this point. All I am reading on this page is how horrible the customer service is. I think maybe you should do something about it, before people decide to boycott your little gas station. I see you have already lost a customer that spent close to 55k a year. Now you lost another one that spent close to 10k a year in your stores. It seems like it's starting to add up.

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8/18/2014 SUNOCO - I have an issue with your company policy in the
I have an issue with your company policy in the western New York area. I stopped in to purchase an item that require id. I work in the law enforcement field and was dressed in my uniform when I stopped. I was asked for my ID. When I produced my department ID that has all the information that is need to make the purchase. (Name,Date of Birth). I was told by you employee that it is not on the approved ID list. Your employees need to use some common sense. I am a male in his forties in a law enforcement uniform with department ID. Which means you need to be at least 21 years of age to hold the job. After walking out of your store and going somewhere else, I had several talks with my coworkers and they have run into the same problems. They told me that's why they don't stop there or purchase anything from your company. Well I agree and have followed suit. I don't plan on using any of your products.

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4/5/2014 I am a frequent customer at the Sunoco station at
I am a frequent customer at the Sunoco station at 1905 Lee Road in Cleveland Heights Ohio. It is a poorly operated station but it is the closest to my home. Too many times I have pulled up to a pump, inserted my credit card numerous times as instructed only to be told to go to inside to see the Cashier. Being handicapped I moved to another pump only to receive the same message. My next move was to go to another competitive station for service.

In addition, too many times do I find a plastic bag on the pump handles which in turn causes me to go somewhere else. It is easier to go to a competitor rather than driving around to another pump only to find the card does not work.

I am not the only customer to comment that these are the slowest pumps in town.

I called the station to speak with the owner but they have not returned my call. Your 5 cent discount to great but the inconvenience isn't worth it.

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10/23/2013 Very root and unprofessional sunoco service
Very root and unprofessional sunoco service station at 2920 e Joppa rd Baltimore md 21234. Paid $60 box for the gas represent to discount coupon, employee does not honor and top of it cursing me out with broken English. Terrible service I think sunoco need better training for their francisee owners and their employee, I am very dissapointed

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9/10/2013 To the people of great importance at sunoco my
To the people of great importance at sunoco my name is former security officerJonathan Demers I am a very well paying customer today I was hirt verbally and mentally by one of your managers in methuen named Ean! Who after five years of going to the sunoco at all hours of the day and night for support in the supply pretence was told that I should shop somwhere yelse besides sunoco because him and his brother pat another employee who I have no care for on either pretence told me they didn't like me for who I am because I was a security officer! I then took action in a verbal sense and called him buckweet from a made up fictional show due to my feelings being hirt!! I encourage a internal investigation due to fact or facts that I have been seeing the employee ean except drug deals from numerous characters !! one specificlly named bill! SINCERLY YOUR FORMER BEST PAYING CUSTOMER- Jonathan M. Demers.

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8/1/2013 SUNOCO - I am sorry to say you have rude people working at
I am sorry to say you have rude people working at the sunco on rt7 in Schenectady I had stopped in there to get gas did not understand the cash and credit price difference and the cashier told me well that is what it is sunco charges to use credit cards if you want to get charged you have to pay with cash the person is rude and has no customer service I will not return to that sunco again

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