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Description is the website of the world's largest retailer, WalMart.

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1-800-966-6546Press * at each prompt, ignoring messges.


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7/31/2016 - walmart sucks. never order online. whent to
walmart sucks. never order online. whent to store can not return . called called run around. lost $60. i retired need my money, GO TO KARMART. HOPE THEY GO BROKE

joe lesnikRead More
6/21/2016 - I just resolved an on line order. The wrong
I just resolved an on line order. The wrong merchandise was shipped. I always receive prompt delivery whenever I order online. The customer service operator could not have been more efficient or kinder. Her name was Tracey, and worked from your office in North Carolina. I hope all your operators are as helpful and efficient as Tracey.

GloriaRead More
6/17/2016 - I called the White Plains store to find out how
I called the White Plains store to find out how long it will take to pick up 2 items after ordering it on line or if I just go to the store, to ask how big the box is for the foam mattress I want to buy. I had to call twice with the same lady answering and twice she transferred me to an extension that rang and rang. While I understand that that calls could not be picked up when people are busy, couldn't the person transferring the call get back to you and not just leave you hanging?
After that phone call, I called the customer service line, I waited for 9 minutes, finally got connected to a rep. who had trouble understanding my question, finally transferred my call. Unfortunately, I was transferred to exactly the to the original line that says I have to wait another 9 minutes. Needless to say, I've had better customer service.

ClemRead More
5/20/2016 - Walmart has to hold Green Dot bank accountable for
Walmart has to hold Green Dot bank accountable for their poor service and resolution of fraud. I recieved a walmart money card that I did not apply for and have no way to talk to a live person at either walmart or Green Dot bank to report the ID theft/ fraud. Walmart would not even help me in trying to find out how and where the card was applied for and or to close the account.

LouRead More
1/13/2016 keeps sending me notices that a keeps sending me notices that a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 16GB refurbished is available and every time I try to order the tablet it ends up being out of stock. I wanr ri know why.I keep getting these notices>

georgeRead More
1/9/2016 - Walmart Store in in Florence, Alabama - Empty Shelves & Unmarked Items
At a recent visit, we found empty shelves, unmarked items and locations of items are consistently changed. At this store, this a constant problem and make it difficult for shoppers to get what they want. This is the store at Hough street in Florence, Alabama.

Al RichterRead More
12/10/2015 - Walmart here in Houston, 2391 S Wayside Houston Tx
Walmart here in Houston, 2391 S Wayside Houston Tx 77023 Store Manager Susana Disla and Asst. Mgr. Freddie is two of the worst managers one can be assigned to such a large store. They have no respect for customers nor compassion. I am disabled. I order a TV on cyber Monday of this year. I called many times to this store on Dec.10, 2015. I was placed on hold many times. The records will reflect I started making calls at or around 12:45 pm I finally got a Chris who claimed he was a manager at 2:00 pm. I GAVE THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD EVENTUALLY WOULD ANSWER THE PHONE MY NAME, MY PHONE NUMBER, MY ORDER NUMBER. ONE TOLD ME THEY COULD NOT FIND MY ORDER. IN CONCLUSION, I YET TO GET MY 70 INCH TV I HAVE paid FOR. SUSANA DISLA, STORE MANAGER, NEVER CAME TO THE PHONE. I WAS INFORMED BY A CHRIS THAT SHE WAS IN A MEEING. TESE MANAGERS ARE LEAVING THEIR EMPLOYEES TO CATCH ALL THE PROBLEMS. THEY WILL NOT COME TO THE PHONE BECAUSE THEY ARE TO BUSY. THOSES MEETINGS MANAGERS CLAIM TO BE IN AND DO NOT REPOND TO THE CUTOMERSNEED TO HAVE THEIR MEETINGS BEFORE OR AFTER STORE HOURS. IT IS CALLED ' GOOD USTOMER RELATIONS' THIS STORE DOES NOT HAVE ANY I AM PRESENTLY ON THE PHONE NOW WITH A CHRIS AT THIS LOCATION TO SEE IF THEY HAE THE TV I HAVE paid FOR AND PROMISED TO ARRIVE ON SITE ON DECEMBER 10, 2015. IT IS GOING ON 28.46 MINUTES. So far no success. I would not recommend this site to anybody.

Isidor Meza Read More
11/23/2015 - I like shopping at Walmart as they do have cheaper prices but
I think it depends on where you live as to the kind of customer service you get. When I lived in Colorado Springs, the Walmart located on N. Academy Blvd had very good customer service. Walmart in Rochester, NY on Chili Ave. has bad customer service. I don't know where they find their employees but they need to have better hiring practices and give their employees training in how to treat customers. I like shopping at Walmart as they do have cheaper prices than other stores for the same item.

RoseRead More
11/10/2015 - CORPORATE SHOULD READ THESE!!--I purchased a
CORPORATE SHOULD READ THESE!!--I purchased a refurb laptop 9/25, money taken 9/29, received laptop at store 10/1. Decided it was not what I wanted because the screen had dark blue, red, and black lines in it. Sent back 10/5 and request a replacement. Called 10/22 to see what the status was since the FedEx tracking showed it was received. The 1st Customer Rep told me that my order would not complete because Walmart didn't offer the Laptop at that price. I asked why I wasn’t notified if that was the case and she stated that web orders are not called that the customer has to call. This conversation just took a turn for the worst to me. That makes absolutely no sense. So I request a refund. The rep told me that I would have to cancel my order. I expressed to her that I will not be canceling my order since Walmart has my money and their merchandise back. She said she would cancel it that is the only way would get a refund. She told me that allow 3-4 business days and I would receive and email confirming my refund. That was 3 weeks ago! I have since called in 2 other times. 2ND call rep told me she was escalating it to the billing department and it would be 7 days before I got my refund. That was 1 1/2 weeks ago. Today. 11/10/15. I called and spoke to 3rd rep for 1hr and 26 min before she passed me on to a 4th rep who repeated the exact same thing rep 2 stated. ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY BACK!!! This has by far be the WORST experience. The 1st rep was not confident in what she was saying. The 2nd rep sound like she was medicated and not sure if she was on a call, and she kept putting me on hold. The 3rd rep tried her best to assist me speaking to 2 supervisors to only end up transferring me to rep 4. This matter has been going on since 10/5, a month. very unsatisfied customer. CORPORATED SHOULD READ THESE!!

nayaRead More
10/6/2015 - Walmart has become a problem, and a bully
Instead of spending time here, we all need to contact our respective States. Walmart has become a problem and a bully. It is time to go legal on Walmart at all times, under all circumstances. Please take a look at the way corporate handles their employees. If Walmart doesn't get its way, they close the store and throw away all employees.
The only thing that gets the attention of Walmart is legal action. Either private attorneys or using the State government in your area to stop this bully. Thanking you in advance for your attention,

Henry JamesRead More
9/17/2015 - WALMART CORPORATE - I would give 0 stars if I could
CORPORATE - PLEASE READ. I would give 0 stars if I could. Worst telephone customer service I have ever experienced with exception to how nice and calm people remained. But I was not satisfied with the answers I was given or the supply chain processes. I've spent in the upwards of 5 hours dealing with customer service. I've been disconnected a few times and have talked to so many people with no progress. Does Corporate even care what they are doing to their customers? I Ordered a swing set over tax free weekend and I still haven't received my order - 5 weeks later. I received one delivery that ooooh the wrong product (metal vs wood). When I called to get it replaced, the woman gave me a discount for my inconvenience and rushed my order. Then it went into back order status (supposedly because she "rushed" a freight item which you can't do?) without my knowledge and I had to wait 10 days to find out if it would be shipped. In this modern day, the fact that a computer needs 10 days to locate my item is laughable. When I called back on day 10, after I received a cancellation email, I found out the reason and discovered that I could have ordered my item online with no problem, so why was it in back order status? Whatever. I had to place my order online again (another inconvenience) and was given another discount. This time, the order came to me damaged and the wood was all over the truck. I had to refuse shipment again and the gentleman replaced my order online and told me he would write a note to ensure that the shipment is Handled with care. I'm pretty confident that was a BS line but ok. It was supposed to arrive 5 days later and here we are - 6 days later and he order is "still processing". I've been on the phone for over 1.5 hours trying to find out how my order got into "back order" status again!!!!! I was escalated to corporate who conveniently disconnected me at their closing time (11pm) after I was on hold for 10 minutes. I was disconnected another time while on hold for a supervisor. And here I am, 11:35 at night, still dealing with this BS. And I just got off the phone with a supervisor who abruptly told me, in a rude manner, that she was pushing the order through and it was stuck in processing because you know, it's technology. I'm simply appalled i just wasted so much time on this.. but I dealt with rather nice people along the way. However the one person that resolved my problem was abrupt, rude and unsympathetic. Not sure what to think of all of this. It's an outer body experience. This surely can't be happening. Can't wait to update once my order arrives.

NinaRead More
9/4/2015 answered promptly and tried to resolve my issue
They answered promptly and tried to resolve my issue. My issue was that the item was shipped by FedEx and FedEx said Walmart required a signature and I work and was not home. Therefore, FedEx said I had to drive to another town to pick up the item. I wanted the item shipped to Walmart to pick up but the Walmart representative said that was not an option.
Vendors sell through the Walmart site and decide what the shipping options are. I will be careful not to do this again. Walmart rep/ was nice and polite. I asked her to note to Walmart they should not use vendors that make it so inconvenient to get something shipped through their website.

sueRead More
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