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How to Contact Accu-Chek Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-800-858-8072 association with this company:

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  1. Commenting on the chat with the rep. is difficult. She was trying her best, running through several tests to check the accuracy of my meter, which was my primary concern. BUT the chat kept shifting between connected and disconnected–dozens of times. Every time I tried to write something, I was kicked off and then had to wait for a reconnection, and I would type a few more words with the same thing happening. The experience was very frustrating, especially since a couple of days before I had tried to send a message indicating my concern. After filling in all the forms and typing the message and clicking submit, the page bounced back with the message gone and a notice that my submission was incomplete! This happened THREE times! If they haven’t already, I strongly suggest (demand) that they have an IT specialist fix their site!

  2. I received a letter stating I would need to change my meter to get the best insurance deal. The letter included a phone number to call to get the meter for free. So I called, and they said they would send me a coupon for the free meter and I could take it to the pharmacy. So the coupon arrives and I take it to the pharmacy and the damn coupon was expired! WTF? It’s damn near impossible to get a hold of these people. There is no phone number on their website. I finally located a number on this site and am now on hold. Who the hell are these people? Their customer service is pretty much to bend over and grab the ankles

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