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  1. I Watch CNBC all day and now that you changed the format I CANT SEE THE TICKER on the bottom. I usually watch from bed or the kitchen ( into the family room) and I always had to watch not the HD CHANNEL BECAUSE the ticker was larger on the regular channel but now I cant see either. I know I’m not the only person that feels this way. You have lost MANY viewers.

  2. These people complaining about the profits from life saving products companies like Mylan researches and brings to all of us, should also be complaining about companies like Apple that makes Billions of dollars off of Cell Phones. Apple then take their dollars of exorbitant profit off shore and don’t put them back to use in our country.

  3. I have purchased Sony XPERIA L on 14:5:2014 in Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) From

    The R & R Marketing Company. (CBE)


    Coimbatore -651002. (PHONE-2555510)


    I went to showroom he told there is nothing problem but there is

    ( problem in camera, albums and not working properly)

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