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Phone Number: 1-888-369-4762 association with this company:

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  1. Is Rory the boss? Seemms he inserted his pic over Fowlers in recent Ad— how does he have this right

  2. I am a patriotic 82 year old American male who only watches Fox. I sometimes like to make comments after reading a story. Lately, though, when I start to type my comment, I am instructed to “log in”, Problem is, I can’t. the page with the Fox logo is always blank and there is no way for me to log in. Am I being censored? and if so why?

  3. Your network channel 32 is on, but no sound. What is happening. It has been two days so far. I cannot hear Sean Hennity show. Every others channels work!!!

  4. I agree with Linda. I’m having the same problem right now ! I have connected My cable company, Charter Communications and was told the same thing. It’s the Fox Network . This happens daily and is very frustrating. There’s no point in watching a news channel if you can only hear every other word. I’ll have no recourse but to watch another station if this continues . Please address this ! Would like a response as well.

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