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How To Contact Good Housekeeping Magazine’s customer service contact information:

Good Housekeeping Magazine’s customer service team is available to help with a variety of issues, including subscription and billing, technical support, and general inquiries. They offer customer support through phone, and email. They have a dedicated team available to help with any issues and they also provide a comprehensive help center on their website with articles and FAQs that address common issues. They also have a customer service email where you can reach out to them for more information.

In terms of competition, Good Housekeeping Magazine faces competition from a variety of lifestyle and women’s magazines, including Women’s Day, Redbook, and Family Circle. These magazines offer similar content, including home decor, beauty, fashion, and food, and each of these competitors offers a different mix of features and pricing, which can make it difficult for Good Housekeeping Magazine to stand out. Good Housekeeping’s rich editorial tradition embodies a commitment to the modern home and to a woman’s quality of life. The Good Housekeeping Seal is an American icon of consumer protection and quality assurance.


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  1. I have not received a copy of Good Housekeeping Magazine since May 2018. My subscription should be good until May 2019. My #GHK0225378090. can you please inform me of what is going on. I enjoy your magazine.

  2. I am very frustrated with your phone service! I have been trying to contact someone to change my address because we are going to Florida for the winter, and I can’t seem to talk to a person. they keep telling me that my number is not valid, but thats my number for years. I will cancel if this is going to happen everytime I call. My Number is until next Friday!!

  3. I do not want these magazines. I sent in my payment and wrote cancel!!!! I never ordered these magazines. So DON’T SEND ANy MAGAZINES Or BILLS!!!! Account number 1001755766

  4. Please do not send me any more Good Housekeeping magazines! I have tried to cancel several times, but

    they just keep coming. Cancel immediately!

  5. I notice a charge of $34.97 on my bank transactions and I did not authorized that charge. TAKE THAT CHARGE OFF MY ACCOUNT ASAP. I will contact my bank regarding this charge. You people cannot do this and I will be reporting this behavior to NC Attorney General.

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