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Customer Service Contact Information For Hallmark Channel 1-818-755-2400

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I enjoy the Hallmark Channel. I would like to see more Signed, Sealed and Deliver Movies and more movies made for the Murder She Baked Series. I am a COX customer in Virginia Beach and can not find the new Hallmark Drama Channel.

every time i turn the hallmark channel on all I find is the golden girls not the show that is to be on at

when did the hall mark channel change its name to the golden girl channel since it is on 24 hours

Andrew Walker is cute but—in so many movies!

What about Ryan Merriman from Elevator Girl and Wes Brown from Christmas Cookies and the guy who

starred in Novel Romance? We only see these actors once.

I enjoy romantic movies but they are so predictable. Thank you for Love on Safari and the latest.

Why do most movies have the star going back to their small home town to find romance? Maybe it’s time for new Writers?

Thank you

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