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How To Contact Earthlink Customer Service

Earthlink provides inexpensive dial-up Internet service, high-speed Broadband Internet Service, Web Hosting, WebMail, Internet & Land Line Phone Bundles.


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  1. I have been a customer for over 17 years.

    Now I’m told that my modem which is over 10 years old needs to be changed, I said Ok, Ohhhh but no its not ok they want charge me for a new one when they are supposed to give me the service and the equipment to be able to be connected.

    Then they come up with a six month 4. 90 credit for six months and I have to still pay the balance.

    I had been with this guy in I do not where part of the world on the phone and barely understanding him. to finaly him accepted that my system was not working correctly and that I have to pay for the repair.


    I will leave EarthLink and that is a fact.


  2. EarthLink enternet and phone service sucks I too have been a customer for going on 10 years but they have pushed me over the edge. With their unplug , replug ,restart when there is a loud alien noise on my phone and can not keep my connection for more than five minutes. I star 69 them ten times in a row finally got some one who said they would send a ATT guy out he spent the whole day at my house it was the wiring that had nothing to do with me . They call and hang up and when I answer they hang up . It is awful all they kept asking do you have another phone that we could use .I kept saying this is the phone Im paying you for why cant you fix it. So now it sort of working I ask for a credit to my account they laugh . They want a new credit card number because I canceled that one until they give me credit or disconnect me I am to that point. I am sure I will be looking for a new service

  3. Earthlink is a waste of my time they spend 5 minutes marketing to me in perfect English, then they gave me someone whom doesn’t understand or have control over the english language. That person desperately tries to control the conversation and won’t answer a direct question except to tell you they are doing everything they can…and then apologize, hugh. I doesn’t matter what the problem is. I believe this is just a way for Earthlink to market to you when your on hold they know you cannot hang up if you want to get through so they sell, sell, sell,. This should give you all the information you need to choose an internet provider and no the e-mail problem did not get solved, again the support person was busy controlling the conversation to listen or respond to what I the ” PAYING CUSTOMER” was asking for help with. Trust me this is all about marketing and nothing about customer service.

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