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For over 30 years, Jacuzzi has been committed to designing bath and spa products that are focused on the way you feel.


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  1. I cannot agree more with these postings. I bought 3 of these at lowes and within a year all 3 have problems. Slow filling. One has sprayed water all over (the refill hose clip), and I will need to tear out the wall behind it to get to a resulting funky odor. The flush lever (handle) have broken off the other 2. When I take the one out to repair the wall, do you think I’ll put the Jacuzzi back? This house is 3 years old. I shouldn’t be dealing with mold.

  2. We purchased a Jacuzzi walk in tub at the suggestion of my wife’s doctor< sad to say it was one if the worst purchases we have ever encountered, it was purchased thru Fairbanks Construction in Ocala Florida, one of you authorized dealers. To start off it was not as we were told by the salesman, As far as features. The contract spelled out how it was to be installed (copy enclosed). because of the size of the bathroom, it was suggested that the toilet be removed and a new gasket be installed, this was not done, instead, the tub assembly was dropped on our tile floor cracking two tiles, than it was lifted and set on top of our toilet causing the toilet to be dislocated from its seat, this was not noticed till after the work was completed and the workers left. We contacted Fairbanks about this damage and they sent one of their managers to inspect the damages, it was determined that they would talk to the installers. During the initial sales visit, we asked if our current water heater was sufficient to cover the needed hot water, we were told that the 40 gal. unit would be OK, not so, the first time my wife used it, it ran out of hot water causing us to call Fairbanks with this matter, in the meantime the installers contacted us and they agreed that since replacing the tiles would not match, they would install a larger hot water unit at cost and would not charge labor. They also took a look at the toilet and said they aligned it and it was fixed, not so it stilled rocked when used, this required another call for repairs. My wife was also told that the tub had an anti-slip surface???? after slipping three times she was told that they had mats for the seat and floor that would prevent the slipping. We bought this Walk-in-Tub to prevent slipping accidents. To say the least we are VERY Displeased with this purchase and feel that we were sold a White Elephant and not what we expected from the Jacuzzi Company. NOW for our latest problems... we have had to have Fairbanks Repair man FOUR times for the drain, the seal on the drain cones un-glued and the tub slowly drains during use, this has been "repaired" and replaced during these visits, it lasts a week or so and than the gasket comes loose and the same condition occurs. Not very good quality control. We again have contacted Fairbanks and were told that they would contact their repair service and they would contact us, this usually takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days for a contact and setting a date. As you can see we are not very satisfied customers, and would shy away from giving a recommendation to anyone in The Villages that would be interested in having one installed. $17,000 dollars is a big investment and one should get what they aid for.

  3. I had the slow fill issue and the clip popping off issue. I called Jacuzzi and got a live person in support, diagnosed the problem and are shipping me the replacement part. Great customer service!

  4. DO NOT buy a Jacuzzi toilet. I bought 2 approximately 3 years ago and regret it to this day. The first one that was installed in my newly renovated bathroom began to have problems with the fill valve within the first year! Water kept running and would not fill the tank unless we put the little hose outside the tube but then no water goes in the tank. The second one wasn’t installed for a few months so I was lucky to get a little more time out of it but now the little hose keeps flying off and spraying water everywhere so every time we flush we have to take the lid off and hold the hose down. As well, the same problem is occurring. The toilet won’t fill with water. Very, very disappointing! When I bought the toilets at Lowes, the salesman did tell me that Jacuzzi was just getting into this market so I thought that I would give them a chance. Sorry I did! So now 3 years later I’m already looking to replace them with a more reliable product!

  5. A plumber installed our Jacuzzi toilet, and we have had constant problems. It has been repaired three times, and it takes over 5 minutes to fill the tank. In fact, we don’t even use the master bathroom commode, which forcews us to use our guest bathroom! What a joke. Why is Lowe’s continuing to stock this model when everyone has problems with the unit??

  6. We have a 1998 Jacuzzi Splash Model SS240 Sand Filter. I need to change the sand and have forgotten the capacity. Can you please tell me how many U.S. pounds of sand I need to purchase? And, how full should the sand be from the top of the opening into the sand container? Thanks!!!

  7. We bought a jacuzzi toilet from Lowes about 19 months ago and we are having problems with the flushing of the toilet.After flushing it wants to continue running I found out that it was the flapper valve so we went to Lowes to find out they do not carry any jacuzzi parts. What are we going to do, Thanks Lowes.

  8. I have a Jacuzzi toilet the number on the toilet is 1.6gpf/6lpf, the number in the tanks is 2008 0512 1241, the flapper is broken & I can’t find anyone in Spartanburg, sc who has a flapper for this toilet. the number on the flapper is csa b126. could someone please help me with this part so I don’t have to buy a new toilet.

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