Energizer Customer Service


How To Contact Energizer Customer Service

Energizer Battery offers batteries in all Shapes and Sizes. Also, Flashlights, supplemental power, and other lighting products.

Phone Number: 1-800-383-7323


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  1. Bought two packs of AAA batteries with a reward advertise on the package. Followed instructions applying the codes but codes were rejected. Following are the codes 9FQJ2M294QJ8 96WCP9L7BFY8

    Please look into this Than You

  2. I just bought a 9v battery. Came home put it in my scale and nothing. It’s dead. Why advertise something for 5 years if its not. I will be calling customer service and talk to someone about your batteries.

  3. Damn, I’ve charged my Energizer rechargables twice and they’re already not holding a charge. Really? Energizer will do nothing?

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