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How To Contact GameFly Customer Service

GameFly is a popular site for video game rentals, purchasing video game rentals. Gamefly carries games for PS3, PS2, XBOX 360, Wii, and PCs. 1-888-986-6400


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  1. I want to cancel my account with your company as of immediately. My 13 year old grandson used my credit card to purchase this account against my permission. I do not want this charge on my account. My bank will be notified asap of this matter.

  2. All the complaints I’ve read are ridiculous. My grandson used my credit card, don’t give him your information! I sent the wrong game back, double check the games you send back. All of these complaints stem from people being lazy and irresponsible. Game fly is awesome and it is what you make it. If you keep up with your information and return the correct games on time then everything will be grand. Grow up people!

  3. My name is Althia Comer,

    you have been debting my bank account without my authorization. My 14 year old grandson is ordering games and basically stealing from me….My address is. I have instructed my bank to block any more purchases from you…. I will be contacting your corporate offices in regards to fraudulent practices… He is not 18 he is 14… and your company should have certain safe guards to address situations like this. I want a refund…..for whatever was taken out of my bank account.

    I am cancelling any account with Tazmir

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