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IGG software makes financial software (ibank) for Apple Mac Computers. IGG is located in Putney, Vermont.


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  1. never trust igg even when you buy a little and win lots they still will block after sometime

    growing up is for some people possible but not for igg they are developers with a hackers mind.

    the only thing they want are bingo players that buy lots and lose it in short time.

    igg will not stay exist they are giving themself a name someday the state take them down anyway.

    morrons stay morrons put some diapers on igg childeren. the zero brains from internet.

  2. Your screen freezes when I have winning hands .Your game cost me 2 million in winnings I will quit your site unless the money is returned .

  3. Hi I got a pumpkin duke and he wasn’t there she I got back I I love the game. I don’t want to stop playing it I would appreciate it if u sent me another one

  4. hello,i am very entertained with your game castle clash and today I rolled a snowzilla and about 5 minutes after that I exited the app to eat lunch and when I got back on the game it was missing it was not in my heroes altar, so I was wondering if you can send me another snowzilla.it is a good game but I will have to stop playing it if I don’t get my snowzilla back

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