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How To Contact In Touch Magazine Customer Service

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  1. Hope the duggars sue you.printing what a minor did is against the law Sstuff BAGS!!!!!! IN TOUCH MAG!!!

  2. I have been a subscriber for at least 4 years, I am not receiving my magazines on time. I usually get them at least two weeks later. Whats the deal??? My subscription has already been paid in full, again what is the deal??? I also cannot find an 800 number, all other magazines provide an 800 number again what is the deal????

  3. My last issue that I received was on May 22,2014 until May 27th, 2014. What’s the deal? Then I get a letter for re-new my subscription when I can’t even get the magazines I already paid for and apparently I’m not the only one. I paid for them and I expect to receive one once a week, if I don’t receive back credit for the ones You didn’t send and my weekly magazines from here on out till July 14th, then I will not be renewing and will spread the word . Sincerely. Linda

  4. Why did you reveal a story about Josh Dugger!! Your magazine ruined his life. It was in the past. Are all of you so perfect that you never made a mistake?? Your reporters didn’t even know if it was true!! And you leaked it anyway. Did you make a lot of money hurting this family who was moving on with their lives.!!! I will never read your rag of magazine! You sensationalize on people’s problems! Who knows someday it may be your turn to be devastated with the written word!!

  5. Linda, I too have been having trouble reaching them, missed issues and don’t know what to do. apparently they are only open on less than banking hours!

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