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How To Contact iOffer Customer Service

iOffer is an innovative internet selling platform that allows buyers and sellers to buy and sell using an interactive and open system 1-415-431-3344


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  1. I am very disappointed in this company. I am going to write the BBB about this situation. I bought 5 DVD’s from Monster Frog. None of them worked. They were okay at the beginning but then the voice and mouth movements were not in synch. They were not watchable. I have lost so much money with the DVD people. I would MUCH RATHER HAVE COMMERCIALS IN THEM RATHER THAN HAVE UNUSABLE DVD’s. Please solve this problem. They Are under your logo.

    1. I order Louis Vuitton you asked me to pay buy PayPal I tried to send but I couldn’t I called PayPal they trying to find email addresses and in PayPal and this email doesn’t exist?

  2. I ordered a pair of Gucci flip flops, and I still haven’t gotten them I ordered them back in June.

  3. This is James Miller I’ve order some air max black and red shoes back in March.18 2018 I’ve never received them yet….

  4. sito web terribile ed è impossibile confettarvi per chiedere aiuto. Non riesco a pagare i prodotti che voglio acquistare da mesi e nessuno replica una telefonata. la maggior pare dei venditori che vendono su questo sito non spediscono la merce e se la spediscono ci vogliono mesi per riceverla.

  5. I would ne in. I lost $150 on there amd iOffer does not give a damn bc tney still get there money whether we get screwed or not!!! You should Twitter this amd see if anybody else would join in. iOffer has a Twitter acct FULL or people complaining with problems!!!

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