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  1. I have some great ideas that would surely increase your profits, please give me a call, or e-mail me, also, should you use my ideas, I would like to be compensated.


    ‘ll give you one idea right now, concerning your Street Stock class.

    I would suggest that you add many more car bodies. I would consider the 1964 to 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle , the 70-72 Monte Carlo, and the Nova;

    The Ford 66 and 67 Fairlane, the 68-70 Torino, the 64-70 Mustang,

    The Mercury 66-69 Comet, the 68-70 Cyclone, and Cougar,

    The 66-70 models of Plymouth Belevedere, Road Runner, Cuda, The 66-70 models of Dodge Charger, and Challenger,

    The 1970 AMC Javelin,

    the 66 to 70 models of Buick Skylark, and Olds Cutlass,

    To make things more interesting the models should have different motor options, Example, a 64-65 chevelle could run a 282 cubic inch motor, the 66-67 chevelle a 327 cubic inch, a 68-69 chevelle a 350, a 70-72 chevelle with a 396. The Monte Carlo could have a 427. The Camaro would only be allowed a 283 cubic inch motor. The Nova would be allowed a 327.

    This is a horsepower to wheelbase and to weight concept. Basically all the cars would perform about the same, the difference, the shorter wheelbase car, Camaro and Nova would handle a bit better, have better acceleration off the turn, but the Chevelle and Monte would have more power on the straightaways.

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