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How To Contact Juno Customer Service

Juno offers dialup access in the United States and in Canada. Accounts include email, webmail, and IM.


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  1. Send your complaint to the CEO and by pass the others. It’s SAD but webmasters and others have no idea what business you have with your e-mail and if you are a paying account holder you should be top prior!

  2. I have Juno 8 and use Windows 8.1. Up until now, Juno has been operating okay, but out of the blue have started to get an error message stating that Juno has a run time error and I should consult Juno Service to resolve it. I have uninstalled Juno and reinstalled it from the Juno download DVD and it still has this message. It will not allow me to run the Juno e-mail program. All my other programs are running perfectly. I have run Advanced System Care and it passes all the analytic tests so my computer is not malfunctioning.

  3. Could you please restore my inbox from Saturday, November 16 until Sunday, November 17. Unfortunately,

    I ran a backup from the Juno restore program on November 18th and don’t have my mail from the 16th and

    17th. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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