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How To Contact Kay Jewelers Customer Service

Kay Jewelers is a division of Sterling Jewelers Inc., headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Along with Signet Jewelers Limited, They are the largest specialty retail jeweler in the world. 1-800-527-8029


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  1. I went to the store in Plesant Praire, Wisconsin before Father’s Day to get a replacement battery for my Bulova watch. The store manager told me that they did not have the battery in stock, and that she would order one for me. I was told that it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get my battery in. My wife called the store, and was told that it was in. I arrived and was told that it wasn’t there. This was unacceptable. I waisted my gas to go to your store, and then told it wasn’t there. Why are you selling watches that DO NOT HAVE REPLACEMENT BATTERIES? Tell me why that is? I paid the extra money for the warrenty and batteries. I left a message for the district manager, and haven’t heard back yet. I will NEVER EVER buy anything from Kay’s.

  2. Gave me a price on an upgrade then while I was getting ready to pay gave me a higher price. Rude, uncaring salespeople. Will never set foot in a Kay’s again.

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