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How To Contact Kwikset Customer Service

Kwikset makes door knobs, locks, deadbolts, hinges & door handles and is a world leader in locksets.


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  1. I just called about broken barrels on double-sided deadbolt and single-sided deadbolt. They want to send me smart key barrels with timepieces and clips. I told the woman I can’t use smart key barrels because KI have to master key my apartment building which she replied that’s all they send out. This happen once before and they sent me smart key barrels I called back and told them I needed regular barrels so I can master the cylinders. They sent me out regular barrels . Now she tells me they don’t cover thosee, what am I suppose to do with these locks throw them away and buy schages olars locks. I paid good money for those locks. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I was told to hold I

    on which then was disconnected and I can see why the calls take so long to answer they just don’t make the good looks like they used to. I been a locksmith for 33years and always went with kwitset. That has suddenly changed when she keeps saying she doesn’t understand what I ‘m saying. All the times I’ve called before they always understood. I’m totally offended by the call and never want anything to do with kwitset again. I guess they don’t care about the customers anymore.

  2. I like to order a part for my Powerbolt Satin Nickel Electronic Deadbolt Featuring SmartKey instead ordering a new unit. I need help, could not find on web site.



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