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Phone Number: 1-888-266-2848 association with this company:

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  1. To whom ever this may concern I bought a Toddler Freeport Classic Crib,that says on the label distributed by LaJobi Inc.,but has a Graco emblem on it,and I lost the Owners Manual that instructed me which side was able to be removed so it could be turned into a bed for a infant. If possible could you please E-Mail me this Owners Manual.


    Production Date:Dec.-27-2012

  2. LaJobie should not be allowed to do any business in the United States or any where else. No customer service at all. I am surprised at Graco for allowing this company to manufacture it’s product(a crib) it calls into question other products. Beyond craped

  3. Ordered something in July 2014. Never saw what I ordered. When I called and finally got through (usually 40mins. or more) they said they’d refund my money. It’s almost mid October and still no refund. Now they don’t even want to answer the phones. I waited two hours trying to get through with no response. It’s redundant to keep saying what everyone else has already said. But it bears repetition. If there is a company with worse customer service, I don’t want anything to do with it! To me hands down they get that dubious award!

  4. Same story as the rest it seems. Been trying to reach customer service for over 2 weeks now, and still have not heard back. Wish they would, so I could B**** them out. All I want is to order a part, but I guess they don’t need the business! I will never purchase anything from that manufacturer ever again, and I hope nobody else ever does too!

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