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  1. Instead of torches there should be other types of lights. There should be lamps or such because if you were to build a modern house the torches ruin the whole modern look. There also should be a place where you can type in a company and get their logo for example if I were to make a Starbucks I would want to have a logo that says Starbucks so I could place it on the side of a building or such. Thank you for your consideration, I hope my idea helped.

  2. Do not buy a card or online purchase from mowing my autistic son used his allowance to buy the prepaid card and minecraft won’t work on any of our pcs and there is NO WHERE to call to get his money back, mojang. Should be ashamed

  3. hi, I’m Johnny, I have been playing Minecraft for almost 5 years but not consecutive and I stopped playing for almost a year because of school related topics. I have been locked out of my account and do not remember the email I put on my account. I remember my username and my password but it says that I need to put down my email which probably was something stupid I put down because I was around 8 years old when I first started. I love you game and have no complaints except for the fact that I can not play due to this problem. I can give you any info you want to get my account my but I have spent almost a $100 alone on this game and I’m in no shape right now to pay because my boss does not have the money to pay me yet. My username is J Patek and you can go on smithcraft because some of the people there know me like ~Kiri who is also known as Kirikat40

  4. I need someone from Mine craft to contact me asap. My daughter is completely addicted to this game and all she does is this from 3:30 till bedtime. 10 or 11pm. Sometimes gets up in the middle of the night to play. Misses school to play. She’s having adult conversations with 18 years olds when she’s only 15. I’m very frustrated that there is no number to contact your people to discuss. All the kids in her circle have either contemplated suicide and talk about it like it’s just a thing to do. This game is scaring the life out of me and she needs serious help. Please call post a number to reach someone. I can’t go another day like this. She needs help and it all started with this crazy game. This is no joke and you need to please contact me asap. I’ve known of at least 5 kids that play in her circle that are depressed and are into this like she is. This is really messing up the kids today and I can’t do anything about it since I can’t reach a human being. Please help me. I didn’t want to give out my email address but I am serious. She has already said many times if we take this away from her, she will kill herself. This game is hurting so many kids and families due to the addiction and the kids have no idea what reality is. They live through this craziness that they think is real life. Please contact me.

  5. Hello Minecraft. It seems that your player are absolutely rude! I am concerned that _BlackoutMc_ is a hacker. He has been (on Skype) saying that Minecraft is bad and he hacked 24/7! He has insulted me and my friend, 5000pancakes. We usually play thechunk.net which is a good server, but not when _BlackoutMc_ is playing! He said that I hacker and has been insulting me with his dirty lies! Plz bann him for life! Btw my username is THE1STUNNA!

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