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Netflix Customer Service Phone Number:


Netflix is the online dvd rental site. Netflix also streams movies over the internet using Xbox, Wii, Apple Tv and PS3.
Email Netflix 1-888-638-3549


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  • I am unable to pay for service, it keeps bouncing back, cannot get through to customer service, what gives???

  • I am 94 years old, living alone, with a TV & computer as my only contact with the outside world. I purchased a SONY Smart TV, with a special demoted to get my all the comforts of home. I joined the Netflix plan ($11.99/mo). Approximately 2 weeks age. I lost my Netflix viability. I call the Netflix people and, after 2to 3 hours of frustration. I was finally able to get my movies. I’m note sure, but the only way I think she did it,was to be re-established as a new member. There was a lot of button pushing in the process, and you guys might have caused my remote to malfunction, because some of the Smart stuff was unavailable to me, mainly the ability to switch channels. Chruchfields (place where I purchased Sony 850 4k, responded to my call be immediacy sending me a new remote. That did not work. A 3 hour call with the SONY people yesterday proved the SONY to be completely reset. It’d comes back to Netflix where I suspect wrong buttons were depressed, causing this problem. Please advise. Thank You ! And NO movies for the last 2 day neither.

  • I am very happy with Netflix, always are ready to answers my questions, The costumer service and costumer

    support personal are very friendly and ready to help me to resolve the problems.

    I like a lot the movies, they are a lot of variety and I can enjoy them all the time.


  • good day. i forgot my password and i cant get it cause i miss spelt my email when i signed up on my xbox 360. now i have the xbox one . i have tried to log in but cant because i forgot my password. now because i miss spelt me email i wont receive the email with my password. tried the live chat that netflix offers of their sit. it is not live at all . you sit and wait with no reply. and i cant even close my account because i cant get my password. so i cant watch nor can i close it . so i have to pay R130.00 every month for something i am not using at the moment. no a very happy. would like some help from netfix on this matter.

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