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How To Contact NFL Customer Service

The NFL (National Football League) is proud of their football history and heritage. The NFL is recognized as one of the world’s strongest entertainment brands and America’s favorite sport. 1-212-450-2000


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  1. When a game is advertised to be shown on nfl channel, why is it not on? Kansas_chicago game. Also Steelers-Tennessee at 4.

  2. NFL sucks and so does ESPN for not showing the kneelers. Cowards all of you at the NFL for not backing our country and supporting a bunch of overpaid brats.

  3. I stopped watching last season when the overpaid and ignorant players took a knee during our anthem. I was fed up with the wife beating and general thuggery previously especially how the NFL handled it… Suspension until it was challenged… then no suspension. I no longer care to watch. I now spend my money on FC United tickets where people actually stop and turn toward the flag during the anthem.

  4. If you people do not immediately fire every Anthem protestor I will never purchase another NFL ticket or merchandise item and I have purchased a lot of both. BTW, I would be VERY happy if you owners would run that idiot commissioner off ASAP

  5. You have lost many loyal football fans over this anthem mess. If the NFL can’t get the players in line then we will continue to stay away, not watching. It is a disgrace to all the men and women who have and are serving in our military to disrespect our flag. If they don’t want to participate in standing for the National Anthem, then keep them in the locker room during that time. Those players are earning millions playing a game. If they didn’t live in this wonderful country of our, they wouldn’t be wealthy. If they want change, then they need to volunteer in activities that can actually make a difference. Bottom line is your bottom line will be much lower if you start the season not requiring your players to stand during the anthem.

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