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How to Call and Contact Square Up Customer Service

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Customer Service Contact Information For Square Up Online Help Only

  • Started to go thru the process, then it started to ask me for bank account numbers, etc. Got scared and stopped the process. What do you need to know about my bank accounts and I need to deposit money? What’s going on.

  • Why no human being to talk to? My client accidentally disputed a claim, it has been fixed by Amer Can Express and her bank and I still have not been paid. WHY?

  • I cannot get onto my square account.

    I have several clients owing me money that want to pay. I can’t get my Square to work it tries to get me to re-sign up, then it says I’m already signed up. I just want to get back into where I can make it work for me and my business. Please help me. I would love personal contact. Someone to actually call me and help me out

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