Lincoln Benefit Life Customer Service


How To Contact Lincoln Benefit Life Customer Service

Lincoln Benefit Life Insurance has helped families across the nation obtain affordable insurance protection since 1938.

Lincoln Benefit Life Customer Service

2940 South 84th Street

Lincoln, NE 68506-4142 USA

Main Office Number: 1-800-525-9287

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address:

Variable Life: 1-800-865-5237

Annuities: 1-800-457-7617

Internet Support: 1-866-739-8031


7 Responses

  1. I am learning that we are not the only ones with this problem. Where are their agents? Why are they still in business? This is really disgusting and more. Joanie

  2. Well, I called about increasing my benefits they have to mail a response but when I called I got right thru spoke with a lady that was very nice.

    I had a great experience not troubles at all. Wish all the companies I call was that easy to deal with.

  3. This company sucks. You can’t speak to a real person. Or maybe their aren’t any real people working at the telephone number given. I have called many times and there is never anyone available.

  4. I have been receiving my annuity benefit from this company since 2006 and never had any problems. All of a sudden, come December 1st, I have no ACH deposit in my account!!!!. The bank has no record of it and LBL says it was processed on Nov 24th but NO ONE can find it!!!! It is now 10 days later, I’m still moneyless and I contact them again……..”Oh yeh, it came back and we sent it out today(how convenient that I’m calling them)but it will be another 3-5 business days before it gets there.” THAT’S NEXT WEEK!!! AND…… WERE THEY GOING TO LET ME KNOW OR JUST LEAVE ME HANGING! Meanwhile, my bills are overdue and I have no money to pay them. Do they care???? NO!!!!! Merry Christmas LBF!!!!

  5. For the past nine years we have been paying on my wife’s insurance. We moved 6 years ago from CO. to FL., and of course our agent in CO. left the company. I realize that the new agent would have problems handling our affairs so we tried to transfer to an Allstate agent here in FL. We did everything possible to have a seamless exchange, but honestly never heard back, no communication, not even an email. Luckily, most of our other Insurance policies are direct to the company instead of dealing with a bunch of yahoos. I understand they don’t get paid, but we wanted to change the policy from term to whole life, I guess they have enough customers.

    I just got off the phone with the Phillipines, it only takes two phone calls, a lot of yelling and demanding a manager to get anything done. I cannot wait till our agreement in 12/15 is over. I dropped Allstate car insurance years ago, and this is the only remnant left.

  6. Insured person expired. I am a beneficiary ( Primary ) with 25% share. of the LINCOLN BENEFIT LIFE, Policy plan : Level Best Platinum 10 GT. Please Guide how to claim and get that benefit. through my email below

  7. So far, I have had positive experiences

    every time I speak to Customer Service.

    I am only working three days a week and it

    Is hard to make the premium, but they are

    working with me.

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