Tinder Customer Service

Online Only

How To Contact Tinder Customer Service

Online Help Only – No Phone Number Available

Fax Number: 1-214-853-4309


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  1. I canceled my tinder account month’s ago and i just found out today that I have a negative balance in my account that i have no knowledge of the fact that if i cancel my account that i still get charged that i was not aware of or the fact that i did not authorized…how do i get my refund back

  2. Yes, this is Cecilia and I’m reporting Byron. Not sure that is his real name. Look, he writes great letters to you but to anyone else he can! Says great things toyou, promising brand things.
    He accidentally sent but to another me someone’s email.. Much the same as mine but to another woman.
    Please get him off Tinder!

  3. i’d like to pay for a subscription, but my iTunes account is disabled. I wanted to pay you guys directly. Please give me a call

  4. I need to change an address for the Kiwi Crate that I have sent to my Grandson on a monthly order.

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