Zynga is the popular social gaming platform that was popularized by Facebook. Their games include Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Frontierville, Cafe World, Treasure Isle and Petville. 1-800-762-2530


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  • I noticed the same thing with FarmVille 2 too. What happened was iPad $59 on my iTunes balance due by 54 $99 worth of a huge amount of keys so that I can in large my game. Well it wouldn’t allow me to use or purchase the largest amount of keys I could go one step down. That was yesterday. And today when I try to buy for 2499. It says that although I have a $29 balance still with her $25 balance with iTunes, my payment to buy the keys is not being excepted. When I tried to reach Zynga all I was told to do was deposit five dollars by credit card, but gave me no alternative as I don’t have a credit card

  • ‘I have asked for help going on 3 months I have spent a lot of money on this game I think ill contact a lawyer since zynga cant do there job…ive went from stuck on collect golden retriever to collect coins over a 3 month period its very old!

  • ‘I do not want any of the sub games off of Farmville. How do I get rid of them. Also when I sign onto Farmville another sub game pops up and I don’t want it and I can’t get to Farmville until I sign onto the sub game. How do I get around all of these sub games I don’t want.

  • ‘Your company sucks I have spent hundreds of dollars on NFL showdown and I lost to a team lower ranked and I had scouted them more and their coach did not even show up, you Lost a customer you dirtbags, I will never spend another dime I will go out of my way to let everyone know what kind of game you have

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