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How To Contact ZTE Customer Service

ZTE USA Customer Service: 1-877-817-1759

Customer service hotline for ZTE Phones: +86-755-26779999

Customer service hotline for ZTE ADSL modems: +86-755-26770188

Customer service hotline for ZTE system : 0755-26770800,8008301118 ‘-26780668


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  1. This is a 0 star review.

    I purchased this phone in January of 2017. it was a good phone and I looked after it like I do all my things. 1 1/2 years later the square, circle, triangle at the bottom would not appear after a factory reset.

    Also the 0 in the keyboard would work when dialing a phone number but would not work, for example when you had to press 0 to get customer service.

    The most annoying thing was the sensitivity, you could barely touch the screen and it would instantly go into a page or contact that I did not want. Believe me, I did a lot of research into this and after troubleshooting many times it was to no avail.

    On Friday June 29th 2018, I FedEx’ed my phone to the repair center in Texas. It arrived on Thursday July 5th. I wont go into every single dostuffented call that I made, but I will say their phone customer service is great.

    What isn’t great is the communication between them and the repair center. By Friday July 13th my status had escalated and it was now in RUSH status. I was told I would get a phone call back from the repair center within 48 hours. I was also told this the following day by another operator as well.

    By the time this company had had my phone for 11 days and I’d not had a phone call from the repair center I got very frustrated. I even called the ZTE headquarters in Texas, the secretary took down my name and said Chris would call me back later that same day, he never did. What a shocker!

    At the time of leaving this review my phone has now been with ZTE for 7 actual business days, hence day 1 starting after the day ZTE received my phone. This is 12 actual days and there’s absolutely no update whatsoever. No one in the repair center has ever called me back and you simply cannot get in touch with the very department that’s working on your phone.

    I was even on the phone with a customer service rep today who kept coming back to me every 3 minutes trying to get an update for me from his supervisor via email. After a 48 minute call he just said call back in “3 days.”

    Believe me, if you put the amount of phone time that I have spent with this company, hence just waiting to get a live operator before you are connected it has been hours and hours and hours and hours.

    It’s an awful way to run a business, I would never buy from ZTE again and I would say avoid this company all costs!

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