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Eddie Bauer Stores and EddieBauer.com offer premium clothing, accessories and gear for men and women that complement today's modern outdoor lifestyle.

Eddie Bauer Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
10401 NE 8th St Ste 500
Bellevue, WA 98004

Eddie Bauer Customer Service Mailing Address
P.O. Box 7001
Groveport, OH 43125
TTY 1-800-462-6757
Customer Service Number: 1-800-426-8020

Phone Number

1-800-426-8020Press 1.


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4/10/2014 How do I get ahold of someone at Eddie Bauer for
How do I get ahold of someone at Eddie Bauer for comments?? I have purchased easily 50 pairs of original fit jeans over the years (ok, yes, different sizes). These jeans USED TO BE THE BEST EVER. I looked high and low for jeans that fit and found these. Then they quit making them. Popular demand and they brought them back but the fabric is the stretch denim and they are nothing like they used to be! How do I get them to make them like they used to - quality denim and great fit! I am buying from their competitor .....not that I want to but I despise the stretch denim jeans. I own so much Eddie Bauer stuff - I love it all! But.....

NanRead More
12/3/2012 Eddie Bauer Customer Service Review: 12.04.12
Just called Eddie Bauer Customer Service -- In all my years the Customer Service has been excellent. However, today when I explained that the shirt I had just received had a rip in it in the shoulder seam --- she asked if I wanted to order a larger size. Really! Not only would the size not matter in this case BUT if it had been an issue -- I would have been offended. I only wanted a replacement.

LindaRead More
2/13/2012 Eddie Bauer - Hi, there.I lost a hood for one of my down
Hi, there.
I lost a hood for one of my down jacket(2011 650FP Snorline).
Please let me know how to get only hood(Jacket Size:Small & Color:Black).
Thank you,

Ryuji TaniharaRead More
1/23/2012 I have been shopping at Eddie Bauer for years now
I have been shopping at Eddie Bauer for years now and have had few problems until lately.
there seems to be a lack of quality control especially with some of the men's shirts and sweaters. They seem to be fine at first inspection, but after one or two washings they will separate at the seams where the seam has been missed. In the case of the sweater, it came mail order and had several picks in it, looked like the beginning of a hole. These garments are manufactured in Sri Lanka, Maylasia and China. Where is the quality control? These were not factory store items, regular priced merchandise. If this continues to be a problem, I will go elsewhere. I am a gold friends status member, but I can spend my money on better clothes, it would seem.

SherylRead More
10/15/2011 Eddie Bauer - I have a ladies blouse, #WPL9647,wrinkle
I have a ladies blouse, #WPL9647,wrinkle resistant, size M, which ripped in the arm, not seam. Is this something that is covered under your satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you

MarciaRead More
12/26/2010 Eddie Bauer - I have a grey shetland sweater that needs
I have a grey shetland sweater that needs replacement.Please send me the address to mail it to you for replacement.

SolRead More
12/6/2010 My deceased father had a Eddie Bauer RED Down
My deceased father had a Eddie Bauer RED Down jacket for 15 years-when he passed away I took the jacket and wore it for the next 5 years-3 years ago I gave it to my brother who wore it for the next 2 years-last year when he passed away it was given to his 12 year old daughter who now proudly wears grandpa/aunt betzi/daddy's jacket. This was and still is a great jacket.

I purchased a replacement jacket from you-(RED/DOWN)-this jacket will never hold up to years of wear-quality is not even close to the same-I have been putting up with a zipper that sticks in the material underneath-if it zips the center of the zipper opens up-I have had to sew the cuffs back together several times-I am not abusing this jacket-it is worn mostly in the mornings when I take my Springer Spaniel for his walks-It needs to be replaced with another RED/DOWN jacket but I think I'm going to break the tradition and buy elsewhere. This morning it was cold/windy couldn't get the zipper to work almost threw the darn thing away. Maybe it will make a good dog bed???? Where has the quality gone.

BetziRead More
10/12/2010 Hi my name is Navina Johnson. I have a Eddie Bauer
Hi my name is Navina Johnson. I have a Eddie Bauer Bassinet. My both kids wasn't able to sleep in their because it wasn't sturdy. When i put him on sleep the bassinet will slanted to side it is very scary. i am not happy with Bassinet. We want more kids so is their a way that we can exchange or get vocucher for the bassinet.

NavinaRead More
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