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1-800-736-3383Press 3 at 1st menu


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1/10/2013 FTD.com - FTD Florist comments on FTD Corporate 1/10/13
FTD Florist comments on FTD Corporate 1/9/13

My wife is a florist. This makes me sad. She works very hard to get your orders for your special occasions and the only payment we recieve is your thanks. A flower shop is like any other local business, it's reputation is only as good as the satisfaction of it's customers. When a corporate person doesn't take care of you, you're mad! The florist doesn't know what your experience has been until they stumble on this website. Call your florist direct and then the bond begins. 1-800 is just another corporate. They all skim 25 to 30% off the top of an order and leave us with a pissed off customer to start with. Florists are closing everywhere and this is also sad. If you had to work as a delivery person in school, you would see first hand how much happiness you can spread.Don't abandon the flowers, force the coporate to be more responsible. That's how I ended up here, looking for someone to hold accountable for my wife's bad experience

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1/20/2012 FTD.com - Number for for help with new orders, 888-325-1307
Number for for help with new orders, 888-325-1307 press 1 to get directly to someone.

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