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Jagex intends to become a significant online operator in all the major gaming markets worldwide, developing and commercialising highly compelling online games that appeal to as wide an audience as possible, based on cutting edge technologies developed in-house.

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3/6/2017 Jagex Phone Number - I was offered to become a player moderator by a
I was offered to become a player moderator by a "Jagteam Oiam". I was told to fill out an application and given an invitation id, so I filled it out. I come back to the lobby to get more steps or see if that was all and I get no reply unfortunatly :( I messaged multiple times and still nothing:/ I was really excited for the opportunity but now I feel like it wont happen. Can someone please help?

tydman6049 Read More
10/25/2016 Jagex Phone Number - i dont even play this game and never have but
i dont even play this game and never have but accumulated 80+$ usd in charges..

runescapeisoldshit Read More
8/22/2016 Jagex Phone Number - I was charged on my card multiple times after i
I was charged on my card multiple times after i cancelled the membership now I'm negative in coins and It won't allow me to purchase them. I called and was told I'd get a call back in 30 minutes and it's been an hour and a half and their lines are busy. On top of the lines being busy i get hung up on while waiting for someone to tend to my cool. Ridiculous, Very disappointed in the customer service, I've been playing this game for years.

Tyler Read More
7/11/2016 Jagex Phone Number - i need to know the phone number for jagex. i was
i need to know the phone number for jagex. i was asked to be a player moderator by a character named employertomi who sent me to another webpage to fill out a moderator application. i was booted off my account and couldnt log in for a few minutes. it kept saying my account was already logged in. when i did get back onto my account i had lost all my gold(10m) and roughly 20m in items. then abt 5 minutes later i got an email saying thank you for your purchase of 3 bonds for $17.99 USD wich i did not make but my debit card was saved to my account. somehow they got my cvv security code and made the transaction.my account did not have any bonds when i logged back in. whoever did this knows what there doing. i need jagex's phone number to see if i can posssible get a refund, i dont care about the items in the game that were lost. but he/she took REAL MONEY from me. not cool

zack Read More
5/30/2016 Jagex Phone Number - I had been playing their games for many years
I had been playing their games for many years starting back in 2004. I am sorely disappointed by what runescape has become. The poor customer service of the staff, and their automated systems. Which ban with no evidence, and almost little or no chance of being able to contact them. Good luck actually receiving a helpful response..

dissapointed loyal player Read More
4/5/2016 Jagex Phone Number - I accidentally just paid for 3 month service when
I accidentally just paid for 3 month service when I only wanted the 1 month... if you could help me out and cancel my members and refund me the money and just give me the 1 month, that would help me out a lot. thanks.

jeff Read More
3/28/2016 Jagex Phone Number - jagex please my i believe my account was hacked
jagex please my i believe my account was hacked and about $75usd in bonds were bought ive tried calling my bank and they have told me i need to contact you guys in order to sort this out when i last logged in the ip address was tottally different from what my ip address is, this is causing problems id really like help i understand that youre a major company but ive had this account for 15 years and have never had this problem please jagex i need help.
sincerely, zhane

zhane Read More
3/20/2016 Jagex Phone Number - unable to play the new BETA...authenticator
unable to play the new BETA...authenticator prevents...unable to sign in to my account, to remove...there is a ! mark on the button...no problem playing regular still cant get into my account...10 year vet

theresa Read More
1/6/2016 Jagex Phone Number - Dear Jagex, I love playing Runescape
Dear Jagex,
I love playing Runescape it is the best game I've ever played. However, I recently just bought an account and my friend was playing for a little bit longer last night (1/4/2016) when finally he got off and I knew he was on because he was helping my low-level character by bringing my bones to me while I was at the gilded alter to save time, Anyway, I went to log onto my new character that I just paid $35.00 for and it is saying that I have been banned for macroing and it's a permanent ban. Now I learnt when I was in the United States Marine Corps to take things as they are and not complain but as a veteran is there any way you can unban my account so I can enjoy playing Runescape from a high-level view and my newer character view. I can assure you that no macroing or spamming or anything of that nature will EVER go on since the account is now in my possession. You can keep a close eye on me or even follow me around for all I care, just since I got out of the military money is tight and hard to come by and I'd really not want to waste my $35 for nothing.

P.S. thank you for taking your time out to read this and whatever your response I will understand.

Cory Read More
12/16/2015 Jagex Phone Number - When I tried to log into my account my password was incorrect
My name is Andrew, I go on Runescape every few weeks sometimes once every month or two. I recently tried to log into my account today 11:45 pm (12-15-15). When I tried to log into my account my password was incorrect and I'm assuming it was changed after changing my password back through my email I found that my game settings were changed almost to an old school look. When I went into my bank my items were all still there and my grand exchange history was the same as I left it. I always empty my gold into my account before I log off because I'm very cautious as to leaving it on my character. My account has a pin on it like you at Jagex recommended yet for some reason my visual display on entering the game was changed my character was in the same place, but all 29,000,000 of my gold was missing from my account without a single trace. Now I've never given anyone my email password, account email, or any other personal information even my family doesn't know anything. I'm hoping for some kind of response to this letter other than there's nothing we can do or your account was hacked etc we can't help. Nobody accessed my account in the last 40 days which is close to my last log in. How can all my money and only my money disappear from my account and my pin disappear without anyone logging on to my account or touching it? Please get back to me asap, I'm very anxious as to what happened and to hear what can be done.
Thank you again,

Andrew Read More
11/27/2015 Jagex Phone Number - Jagex you have charged my card three times!
I need you to contact me ASAP!!! This is the third time you have charged my card AFTER I have contacted you and told you DO NOT use my account for these transactions. I am very pissed and have reported you to the BBB and I have contacted my attorney. Not good business on your part.

Tanya Read More
11/22/2015 Jagex Phone Number - SOMEone is keep hacking my account and they took
SOMEone is keep hacking my account and they took all my armour and 3m and my zgs so please cahnge my password cause every time i try to it says i need my email when i didnt use a email on this acc my acc is (

beast Read More
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