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How To Contact Liz Claiborne Inc. Customer Service

The Liz Claiborne line is now part of the JC Penney Family of brands and companies.



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  1. I have been purchasing Liz Claiborne perfume for a long time. The last 6 bottles I have purchased from Walgreens in Virginia Beach, the top has not been easy coming off and while forcing it off the spray nosed broke. Pluse let me know what is wrong or what I am doing wrong, being by I have ala way taken the top off the same way.

    Pls reply by email.

  2. Hi: I am searching for a stunning Liz Claiborne top in Medium or Large, but I can’t find it online. I’m not sure what year it came out. Its JCP # is 851-6885 0117. It is a multi-floral sleeveless top by the name of Painted Sunset, Catalina Pink Multi. Many thanks for your help!

  3. I purchased a sweater 814-20400216 English Rose. The quality is terrible.
    I have always been pleased with my Liz Claiborne clothing. It does not hang straight, the finished edges are raw. So disappointed.

  4. I bought an lc purse a week ago and both handles ripped already. I don’t have my receipt and the nearest jc Penney is 60 mins away. Can someone help me?

  5. I brought luggage by Liz Claiborne which has a 10-year warranty but can’t seem to reach anyone regarding my bag, I have been switched by so many people and I still haven’t rectified my issue with my bag, I would appreciate someone contacting me so that my bag can be replaced or repaired, I spent $130. As for my bag and I’m located in Canada.

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