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JJ Buckley Fine Wines was founded as the retail arm of WineCommune.com. Since 1999 they have been helping wine lovers find the best wines at excellent prices.

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1-888 859-4637Hint Needed - Please Comment


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12/1/2009 JJBuckley.com (WineCommune LLC) - I contacted JJBuckley about selling a bottle of
I contacted JJBuckley about selling a bottle of 1982 Opus one which sells for about 249.00 per bottle according to your website. I followed all of your instructions using winecommune for shipping and was told that something happened to the bottle. I have no proof of this other than JJBuckley's word. I am suppose to settle for 106.00 settlement from Fed X?? this doesn't seem fair considering I used your shipping supplies, your label, you knew what I was sending and you have no shipping insurance???
Susan Cromwell

Susan CromwellRead More
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