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1/21/2015 LeatherUp.com - I ordered a leather coat in which was way too
I ordered a leather coat in which was way too tight & the arms were long, it also had armor that couldn't be removed. The belt I ordered was also too small so I exchanged it for a larger size, The items that I returned & exchanged were all in the same box. I'm so glad that I insured them with a tracking number because almost a month later I still haven't received a refund although I received my exchange. So I called them & at first they were questioning me as if I haven't sent the coat back they asked me for my postal tracking number they didn't see anything about my returns, I said I have proof. I said If I have to I will dispute the charge with my credit card company.The guy put me on hold & said he'd pull up the return order form. He said he sees that it says it was returned & then said that they will call me back after it was sent to management to look over. Why couldn't he just give me the refund then?? As soon as II located the tracking number & I called them back instead of waiting. The girl looked it & sent me an email saying I will get my refund. I don't trust this company! If I wouldn't have called I'd never have gotten my money back, in which I'm still waiting on....Horrible Customer Service!!!

ChristinaRead More
11/14/2013 LeatherUp.com charged me $1 seven times
i have been charge for 7 times each $1.00 i would like to refund back my $7.00 thanks hulya flud..

hulyaRead More
9/2/2013 Waited on hold for 1 hour and 20 min for LeatherUp.com
Waited on hold for 800# customer service at Leatherup.com for 1 hour and 20 minutes...finally at 5:10pm I hung up... very disappointed. I called in regards to a return for a defective product.. according to the return instructions, opened or damage products will NOT be accepted but will be returned to me at my expense.. clearly a manufacturing defect with these gloves.. wanted to have them pay return shipping and ensure I wouldn't receive them back but instead a store credit.. I sent email instead.. who knows... this can break me as a customer..

JasonRead More
7/22/2013 LeatherUp.com - While the quality and value are good, I have had
While the quality and value are good, I have had to pull teeth to get my account corrected for the items I returned. It's taken two months and the attitude of the customer service women is sometimes snippy and certainly uncaring or indifferent to the customer's frustration. I find that they are poor listeners, wanting to answer my question before I ask it, and insist on being right until they can't ignore the math any more. Getting a piece by piece explanation of the items credited in the return was difficult, and a voicemail I left in response to a voicemail left for me explaining a remaining $35 credit was not responded to, and I had to call AGAIN to get a customer service girl to acknowledge I still had the $35 coming and credit my account. When I expressed disappointment that I had to be the one again to follow up, I was met with an empty-sounding "sorry about that". Fortunately, I don't need any more motorcycle clothes because I'd be torn about ordering from Leather Up, in anticipation of the lousy customer service I'd get if I had a question or return. I suggest you do some training of your people so they treat the customer with respect, sincerity, and actually hearing the customer's concern.

KathyRead More

5/12/2011 LeatherUp.com - The order hasn't arrived yet. In order to check
The order hasn't arrived yet. In order to check on the shipment, I have to log into my Leatherup account. Turns out I forgot the password. Shouldn't be a big deal to have them send me a new one but, for all my clicking as instructed, all I keep getting is an "unexpected error" message with no new password. Tried calling 7 or 8 times. Was kept on hold each time until was told (by a recording) "call terminated, thank you." Tried calling the regular number and got the same thing. Wrote them an email and received a canned response telling me to log into my Leatherup account to check on the shipment of my order. Hey! I'm at fault for forgetting my password but, this circular path to nowhere is ridiculous.

NickRead More
4/16/2011 LeatherUp.com - The customer service number is always busy or
The customer service number is always busy or something... it rings and rings and rings... I placed an order and it said pending for a few days under status... come to find out the card i used had recieved a monthly charge... it was my fault for not realizing this... then i go to get on their site again to try and get ahold of them to get this ordeal straightened out and i cant even get to their website... what the heck... The customer service you offer is garbage for being a so-called huge online leather distributor that is sposed to be the best... if you'd spend some of the money you get from that fine leather on your customer service and phone system to make it better i'd think about giving your name out to some friends and getting you some business as well as ordering more stuff myself... i think after this order i'll be done dinking around with you as this is not the way i would be treating my customers... #1 is customer satisfaction... you don't have it here... when i called the 1st time to se why my order was pending your phone rep said to me, "yes, I see your order is pending... wait till tuesday (4 days) to see if that changes"... ... that was it... i didn't get a thankyou for shoping leatherup, a have a nice day, is there anything else i can help you with?, no info on any speacial sales/deals... NOTHING!!! has to be by far the worst customer service i have encountered.... by the way... that was the only time i got through to customer service... every other time... ring ring ring ring ring ring disconnect.... All I can say is wow!!!

JoeRead More
12/27/2010 LeatherUp.com - I have called the 800 cs number for several hours
I have called the 800 cs number for several hours regarding an order placement. It has been incessantly busy.

HalRead More
12/8/2010 LeatherUp.com - . DEAR_ SIR _MADAM ..We have found your address
We have found your address during internet search and found you amazing and sound
organization engaged in the Business of import and export of leather garments, we
feel our great pleasure to introduces yourself as leader in leather garment line
especially motorbike and fashion garments ind( martial Arts) with the complete coverage and quality
standard we are engaged in this line since 1990 and have very vast and improved
experience, locate in the heart of did, historical, commercial city of Sialkot,
with multiple story simplex, very equipped unit nigh state of the art machinery
and latest lab. our products are manufactured with high quality leather and each
item is strictly checked, passed under supervision of nightly qualified team work
our products are certified just upon hearing from you side we can submit you our
export catalogue website. fob /CIF / cuff prices, our prices are most competitive
as compared to any other exporter of Pakistan lets join hand for the promotion of
trade for mutual benefits of both the sides, now we warmly welcome your early
enquiry in this regards, Best Regard. Muhammad Aslam pak/sailkot,
Contal Us
Name: M Aslam
Addre} : Wazirabad Road Model Town Ugoki Sialkot.

( Your sincerely)

md aslamRead More
12/6/2010 LeatherUp.com - I would like to have my name and email address
I would like to have my name and email address removed from your email sends. How can I make that happen?

AlanRead More
11/10/2010 LeatherUp.com - That customer service number just rings off the
That customer service number just rings off the hook, no one answers ever

JamesRead More
7/26/2010 LeatherUp.com - I ordered 2 pairs of boots. Same size, same
I ordered 2 pairs of boots. Same size, same boots, just different colors. One was great. The other was too small and it has a very sharp object in the back of the boot on the inside. Three times I phoned customer service and all three times, I waited on hold for at least 10 minutes and all three times at the end of my long hold the phone system said, "Exiting the system GOOD BYE!" Wow! Now that's rough customer service. Cindy

CindyRead More
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