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3/27/2015 - Ihave been charge 84.00 dollars for 20 trips on my
Ihave been charge 84.00 dollars for 20 trips on my credit card, this should not be, please reinburse me my 42 dollars.

AngelaRead More
4/26/2014 - I have never had worse service than the path train
I am a railroad worker and in my whole career I have never had worse service than the path train. To start I work in the city and start work at 5:30am the path train is my only option at this time. On 3 different occasions I have missed the path train from Newark Penn station because of the train being moved from track 1 to track H. Now there wouldn't be a problem with this except there is no sign stating this until you get all the way up to track 1. My biggest problem is that there are no representatives no one to help point you in the right direction. So at this point I have missed the train I need and have to wait another half hour before another shows up. As a person who works for the railroad I think it is horrible that there is no customer service reps provided being that the path train runs all night. The path train is used by many people who rely on it and for service to be like this is surely isn't fair to the customer especially for people who may be taking the path train for the first time.

alexandraRead More
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