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6/7/2017 Target Online - i order 3 books because free shipping in 11-5 2016
i order 3 books because free shipping in 11-5 2016 /i got the two books when saying going to come.but 3 one i got email saying change date of the delivery if still wanted please let them know.witch i did.it said the date book would be ship out between 5/17 2017 to 6/6 2017 will never got email so i just call them ask when was coming because sale still wed site .i lady talk told to order change price that preorder it at will after gave her all fbi turn out bill address diffrent shipping address they want talk my sister who does live with me.i had cancal order .i witch mad about because should send out because did preorder it.they will not honor order ,i will never trust this target again just like stop order from walmart .both company or bad.they do not honor there preorders

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3/27/2016 Target Online - Trying to get on line to order make-up for a
Trying to get on line to order make-up for a month. I waste an hour of my time and still do not get in. What year is this???? And when you call to speak with someone they ask three questions and if you do not answer right they will hang up. What! there is a big problem with signing in. Someone please help me.

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2/22/2016 Target Online - I will never purchase another thing from Target.com
I will never purchase another thing from Target.com! I placed an order on Feb 11th for a baby shower that was on the 21st. Still on the 19th I still had not received my order, fed ex tracking still showing from Feb 12th that they had been provided shipping label only. Spoke to a supervisor on that day who had to track the order getting the same information that I had provided to her. Told me there was nothing she could do for another 2 business days on her end, and if I was looking for a refund that would be 5 business days. I told her that was real nice they had my money and I did not have my gift for the baby shower. She told me of her experience of not getting an order she had placed online with another merchant, like it was OK that Target treated their customers the way she was treated. Very sad that you are treated this way once they have your money.

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2/6/2016 Target Online - Target customer service online, and guest relations is terrible
The customer service online and guest relations is terrible. I have been shopping online put something in my cart for 147.00. Was waiting for the other piece to come in, to make sure it would. It did so I added to my cart to purchase. When I see my other had went up to 180.00, they say regular price was 189.99. No, excuse me regular price was 169.99. When I called the they said they can change the prices of anything at any given time. Ok off sale things but NOT regular price. What a scam !! Needless to say, I don't need to shop Target. And then to be talked too like that. Keep yr things Target

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2/5/2016 Very polite and helpful, satisfied with Target Online
Very polite and helpful, satisfied with the was my matter was addressed.

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1/12/2016 Target Online - The lack of communication from your departments to
The lack of communication from your departments to help your staff do their jobs is unacceptable!

I have been trying to figure out why I am being charged for an Apple Iphone watch that Target claims they have on backorder. Been hung up on 6 times by your ONLINE staff that seem to have a language barrier or no answers so they hang up! WTH! Opened up a escalated request to a supervisor - have not heard back from her as she stated she would contact me. I am on hold right now waiting to be helped and they are just so confused or do not speak English. I am so frustrated! Target, please consider providing customer service from people who do not hang up on you when they don’t know what to do or say. Why is it so hard for the supervisors of your online service to talk to anyone in the online shipping area. You leave them no access to communicate for the client. If I want to escalate my order to fed ex or change it, it has to be deleted??? What!

I order an Iphone watch for 651.00 and I cannot get a date or time of its arrival? Why? If it is backordered when will you be replenishing your watches? Why doesn’t your online supervisor staff have any knowledge to when your plan to add more watches. The lack of communication from your departments to help your staff do their jobs is unacceptable!

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1/12/2016 Target Online - We purchased a table and when it arrived it had a
We purchased a table and when it arrived it had a corner broken . Visited the store and talked with Manager on
duty and they were to make arrangements to pick up the damaged one and deliver a new one. WSe were told it would be picked up by UPS today . I am handicapped and was able to pack the damaged one up and get it outside for pick up per the managers instruction bu have not heard anything further .Please refer to
order number 411000000318574822

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12/17/2015 Target Online - I'm elderly and handicapped and Targets Online Used to Work For Me
I'm elderly and handicapped and Targets Online ordering and pickup service is ideal for me. However....my last two orders which I very carefully made sure were available at my local store and would be available for pickup the same day, were not! Not only was I informed these two orders were being shipped as they were not available for pickup as promised but I soon discovered that these two products WERE NOT EVEN CARRIED ANY LONGER BY TARGET and evidently I would NEVER HAVE HAD MY MONEY RETURNED. Target is still holding on to my money and claimed first that my money would be returned "within 24 hours" and now they are changing that to "seven to ten business days". The instore Managers have been very cooperative and nice about this, but their hands are tied so I don't fault them. It has been a roller coaster ride thinking that this problem has been straightened out only to find it has not!

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11/13/2015 Target Online - I called C.S. and spoke to agent Sergio - Very Helpful
I called C.S. and spoke to agent Sergio. He was beyond helpful and very polite. My small issue was corrected to my satisfaction in no time.

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10/9/2015 Target Online - filled out computer order and it failed.
filled out computer order and it failed.

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4/17/2015 Target Online - This second time call online order. This was done
This second time call online order. This was done wrong in the begin. I call after church order the item they only order one.when I order two storage cart that went I call back after see th e order was wrong. Two storage cart they told me would have to place new order. So they try charge with shipping fee. I was paid for there mistake. So then when I complained wanted get me gift card and refund money of tensl dollars sixty six cent. Instead refund charge my card on top ten for cart ten dollar cost me30 02 add on my card. So I am very upset with target to top off cancel order due not available.but still waiting on my refund. I will call the better business bureau. Attorneys general of my state to make it right.

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