Lincoln National Life Insurance Customer Service


How To Contact Lincoln National Life Insurance Customer Service

The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company provides a full suite of products and services to help its customers achieve a common goal: retirement income security. 1-800-454-6265


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  1. I spoke with an agent today named Colby @ 1-800-423-2765 to get records corrected & he was very helpful in finding the problem. He is & was suppose to send me a confirmation E-mail & also a postal confirmation that the info he submitted to the proper Dept. . I have not rcvd. an e-mail confirmation as promised for correction & a statement that I have a credit coming due to the error. Please get this problem situated Thank you for your time

  2. I am having the exact same issue with my mother. I am getting ready to call them. Was your issue resolved?

  3. I would like to also know where my 1099R is for the year 2015. It is pass the deadline for all 1099’s and W’2 are to be sent out. This to my knowledge is against the law to not have them out by the deadline. When can I expect mine….this is holding up having my taxes done.

  4. Not a comment, just a question…

    I want to have all correspondence (including prospectus, etc.) via email at

    If this note does not suffice, please send me the information I need to accomplish this.

    My Contract# 92-2075969 THIS # MAY HAVE BEEN CHANGED since it’s from an old statement.

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