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How To Contact Agoda Customer Service for Support, Complaints and Help:

Agoda Customer Service Information:

Agoda is known for their excellent customer service, they offer 24/7 support through their customer service hotline and live chat feature, customers can also contact them through their email service. Agoda has a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are ready to assist with any questions or concerns. The company also offers several ways to contact them and they are available 24/7.

Agoda Company Bio:

Agoda is an online travel booking platform that offers a wide range of accommodation options including hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and more. They also offer flights, transportation and vacation packages. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Singapore.

Agoda Competition:

Agoda faces competition from other online travel booking platforms, such as, Expedia, and They also compete with the traditional travel agencies and tour operators. Despite this competition, Agoda is known for their wide selection of accommodation options and their competitive prices which sets them apart from their competitors. Agoda also differentiates itself by offering a best-price guarantee on their website and mobile application.

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  1. agoda booking reference 53105543…Wang Xing,please provide us with the boking credit card detail so we can apply chaarges for the accomodation….Sonaisali Island Resort

  2. Agoda what can I say? I have tried to contact you several times all day to cancel a booking which you eventually replied to through a late email. You said my refund will not be possible due to hotel policy. I know this is untrue because I contacted the hotel at Halls Gap who said it is up to you. You receive the money and pay them. I will contest this and expose you if need be for your bad customer service. I didn’t even receive a confirmation of my booking 24 hrs later, so had no booking no. to re contact you. You make it difficult and with good reason to avoid any issues of customers cancelling or whatever else. I will not tolerate this ! I will not lose money if I have made an error to cancel a booking made at an innappropriate time. You will refund my money. I cannot afford to lose a lot of money promised to my children for a holiday that I made an error with. This is unaceptable. My bank is onto it and is doing everything they can to ensure my payment does not go through, which is currently pending. You can reverse the payment if you are at all humane

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