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How To Contact Airbnb Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Airbnb is a community marketplace that allows users to list, discover and book unique accommodations around the world. Airbnb’s largest competitor is VRBO.

How To Contact Airbnb Phone Numbers

International: 1-415-800-5959

Toll-Free: 1-855-424-7262

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Airbnb Customer Service
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  1. Terrible.We had a date set up with lily feb.3rd till feb 11th.On jan 30 my wifes doctor sent her to see the heart doctor the very next morning.He said she had AFIB and admitted her to hospital.Later that night she was sent to another hospital to have a pace maker put in.She was in the Hospital 4 days and had to go to heart doctors office on Thursday the 8th.As you can see this was an emergency situation and nothing we could do.Lily offered to credit me $162 and change.I asked for a refund of $430 and change.She said airbnb set her amount for her and said I should call airbnb.You have no phone number on your site for this type of situation.After a back and forth with Lily and unable to find a way to contact Airbnb by phone I had enough of the B S and told Lily to send the amount you said she should.This whole affair is totally despicable and unacceptable.Your rating is a total O.

  2. pls sir help me urgently..i normally get 2048mb when ever i subscribe for one month data bundle with #1,500 but as i did it mb was given to me but only got wekday bonus& of weekend as usual..but denied me of my data bundle.i received sms dat its succesul but did not appear in my account balance..pls am frustrated sometin.tanx

  3. I too am desparately trying to get a phone number for airbnb in South Africa, according to the transaction history for my apartment, a payment was made to my account on 09 January 2017 and to date no reflection on bank statements…. please help

    Kind regards


  4. We used Airbnb for the first time to rent a house in Casper for late October We arrived on the rental date, had been given the access code so we entered the house and started to move in our luggage. We noticed personal items, like check books, a passport, personal computer, etc. on the desk. We checked our bedroom and found personal items on the sink, and in the tub/shower. We opened the closet and found no space for our clothing. We looked around at the other rooms which could not have slept the number of guest advertised. There were only two of us, but the facility was not what was advertised or promoted.

    We left and texted our host telling her we were not going to spend the three nights as planned, and found a hotel. We contacted Airbnb and informed them or what we found and did. A representative called ASAP for more information. He indicated he would get back to me as soon as he could. I expected we might hear in a few days since we spoke on Saturday late morning. Around dinner time I received a call from the representative, who apologized for taking so long, but he had to talk with the host to determine the conditions, since we had not taken photos. He indicated that there may have been some misunderstanding, since the host lived in the unit. Which is not what the promotional info indicated. Anyway, he indicated that the host would refund 50% of the cost, even though, she normally will not make any refunds. Airbnb will refund the difference for a full refund.

    We have received the payment from Airbnb, but nothing from the host. The rental site is no longer on Airbnb nor BRBO. I have, as others have, attempted to use the Airbnb Customer Service website, with absolutely no success. I have now found a phone number, which I called tonight, and was on hold for 20 minutes with no response.

    I have spoken to another family member who used Airbnb, and had issues with the rental unit when they arrived, same kind of issue, with the host living in the unit, when it was advertised as whole house.

    We have used VRBO for ten or so trips, and have been extremely pleased with almost every rental and site.

    I seriously doubt that we will every attempt to use Airbnb again!!!! There are other responsible and trustworthily rental sites, so why spend our time messing with one that appears to indorse misrepresentation or bait and switch tactics.

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