Bushnell Customer Service


How To Contact Bushnell Customer Service Address

9200 Cody
Overland Park, KS USA 66214-1734
Kansas City area – 1-913- 752-3400
Consumers – 1-800-423-3537
Dealers -1-800-221-9035
Fax 1-913-752-3550


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  1. Sent in and discussed a trophy cam game camera. I received a letter that stated it was no longer under warranty so they sold me a replacement for a price a little less than retail and would return my original. Called a month or so later and the support person said “sorry” sarcastically, they would get one right out. I received one a week later and it was not mine and it was not camo. Called again and they “never made a camo finished model but would send it. I currently own two Bushnell scopes and three Bushnell game cameras but will never buy a Bushnell product again due to the mishandling of MY item and having to deal with an ignorant, sarcastic and insensitive customer disservice agent

  2. Do not buy any product associated with Bushnell. Bought a scope in Nov.2014 here we are in May 2015 Still no response with their Mail-In-Rebate.Cannot get through to their Customer Service. Never again.

  3. Love their products…but their customer svc…not so good. Called 3 times for reticle subtension info, and they sent me the wrong data. Called today 2X and the 1st time got cutoff and the 2nd time they couldn’t help me since I didn’t have the serial # I was thinking about buying. What is going on over there?

  4. I purchased 10 8mp trophy cams a year and a half ago. As of today only 3 work. The others all have non-functioning screens. I sent the cams back to Bushnell and was told they would replace them for $134.00 each. I paid $120.00 each new. I called them and they agreed to replace at no cost with new units. I received my old units back in a box. Never got the replacement units. This company created a badly designed unit that only lasted one hunting season. Customer service is a joke.

  5. Had two game cameras that were damaged by water. Sent to Bushnell for warranty or repair. Both were replaced with factory reconditioned units better than cameras that went bad. No problems with any issues.High regards for Bushnell and their service.By the way these cameras replaced another well regarded manufacture’s cameras and do a much better job. Thanks Bushnell.

  6. I sent a camera in for repair several months ago and haven’t received any reply from you—at all- I need my camera It is getting close to that time of year for our hunting season. I sent the camera to Cabala’s originally and they contacted me and informed me it had to be sent to you—so–they sent it to you. Someone called me and told me that Bushnell Products -Lab repair received it and they would be calling me soon.

    I really want my camera back before I need it.


    Kountze, Tx. 77625

  7. I purchased 2 Bushnell 8 MP Trophy cams a year ago and they performed beautifully. I decided to get 2 Bushnell Realtree 6.OMP cameras. They worked for about 2 months and now I cannot get them to take pics anymore. I lost my receipt for the 2 small cameras. Can you possibly do anything for me? Hoping to hear back from in soon.

    I live in Canada. Purchased cameras from Walmart.

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