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How to Contact Captain D’s Seafood Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-615-391-5461 association with this company:

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  1. Uncomfortable with having to give telephone #–I did anyways cuz it said NEEDED. But if all I need is to print out a coupon–why the #?? Get very suspicious that with the email and #–here comes unwanted garbage that I will have to delete and try to unsubscribe to–good luck w/that. When I hit send— screen dropped down and –in bold red letters—Unable to– blah/blah—URL is blah–blah.. Doubt that my coupon will be here in 2-3 days but will hold out hope. I am guessing my survey is floating around somewheres in cyber space—not even a reply that survey was accepted and coupon is on the way–whats up with that? Heres an idea–hand out survey when in diner and customer can return to staff–get their coupon and away we/they go. Something tells me with email and telephone #–there is/will be “communications” far more than between me and Captain D’s.

  2. Not comfortable with doing the telephone # bit (which I did anyways cuz it said NEEDED–why do you need that if all I need to do is print out the coupon. AND when I hit send–screen said URL–or some such — was not working—all worked well till the end—and then I have a suspicion my survey is out there in cyber space somewheres.–but we shall see—coupon in 24-48-hrs–right??

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