Car and Driver Magazine Customer Service


How to Contact Customer Service For Car and Driver Magazine

Phone Number: 1-800-289-9464


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  1. For a reason we don’t understand, our renewal went awry and we are receiving two copies of Car and Driver every month under the names Nancy Margolis and Stephen Margolis.

    Numbers are

    #CDB1071569329/6 and


    Please combine these into one subscription and extend the subscription date appropriately.

  2. this is rick kapsner and I never renewed my subscription and you are trying to charge me for it. what is up with that. please reply

  3. I hope whom ever came up with this automatic billing is fired. Because of this I now feel I have to read very carefully all of my junk mail. I have canceled Car and Driver and Road and track and I’m hoping the other periodicals I subscribe to don’t start these ridiculous billing tactics.


  4. I wrote on their Renew Notice post card, Cancel, my subscription any Mags coming to this address in the future will be considered a gift. No Payments will be made, your call….

    Only thieves deal in this matter, auto renew is a scam.. do the same thing, they go to court every year get sued 13 million for this scam,,, but make 30 million…they couldn’t care less, nothing more than modern day crooks..

    I had called them P-M two months ago and cancelled , but they somehow lost that conversation????, just to rebill me…Joe

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