Carbonite Customer Service


How To Contact Carbonite Customer Service

Carbonite Backup takes the worry out of backing up files ? by securely and automatically backing up your important files to their state of the art data center.

Toll Free: 1-877-665-4466
International callers call: +1 617 587 1100
Email Address: 1-877-665-4466


3 Responses

  1. I have paid for this back up & now when i tryed to get to this comment it took me to MY PC Back. instead of the Carbonite . My carbonite is not working & i want to know why. I will not renew this when it comes do again. Will fine another site for my back up. Please tell me why this is no longer working???????

  2. I have another provider and do not plan to continue your service. please remove your reminder. it is very disturbing. after a month you should know that I am not going to renew. in other words don’t make an ass out company of your. my stars award is nil..

  3. I would just like some HELP. I have a different computer plus email address and password. I use up to much time on hold. My time is ALSO valuable. This may be a reputable company but the technicians must be over loaded.

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