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How to Contact Cellular One Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-888-910-9191

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  1. May be easy to sign up and get a phone BUT DO NOT TRY TO CANCEL!! Have been trying for the last hour to cancel my with no success. There is NO WHERE on the web site that I could find to cancel. When I called the number I was told that the wait time was 15 minutes but if I pressed 1 I would be called back when it was my turn. FOR GET ABOUT IT. Never called back. Then when I tried to call again the message was the system was down???? I tried holding on, but 30 minutes before I got anyone on the phone. FINALLY after 38 minutes the account was cancelled! I also went on the account and removed the card number for auto withdrawal.

  2. I have been a loyal customer with Cellular one for over 8 years, my 2 year contract with you has long ago expired. I called today to I am paying full value for the phone today because I have (2) other family members on the same contract. Why doesn’t Cellular One offer some kind of discount to loyal customers when they need to replace an old phone?

  3. I will be contacting your company in reference to a bill you say I owe you. The amount is outrages and and I don’t intend on paying it without an itemized bill to the charges, which i never received. (the bill). So don’t expect me to just send you 2500.00 dollars for a final bill I never recieved, for this amount and why its so high. Bill should only refelect three months of service and was in the process of a dispute on the charges anyway.

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