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By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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I need help with this site i am only seeing photos from last year and just 3 you are telling me I have no matches i want to search for myself I want your customer service number I think you are a sram

I became a customer 2 years ago. I met George Peterson. We disconnected then connected a couple of months ago. We became engaged. He claims to be is in the military in Nigeria, but there aren’t any there. He scammed me out of all my savings, and then some. He is a scam artist. Do not date him if he joins Christian mingle.

So far my experience here has sucked. Trying to rejoin and not having any luck.

Your customer number only works for employees or someone who knows someone there. I don’t know a name or an extension number therefore I just get shuffled around. Someone entered my name and email address and set up an account fraudulently. I would like to delete this account. Since someone else set it up, I obviously don’t know the login information!!!!! I heed your help.

I wanted to join but it wouldn’t let me put in my actual age or the age group of men in seeking. So I stopped my application. My screen name is sweetie. My phone number for you to call me back is ? and the site I was attempting to join was Christian Hope to hear from you soon to fix this. Or delete me.

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