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Phone Number: 1-800-321-1023 association with this company:

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  1. I bought a citizen titanium Eco drive watch in 2003 and the band keeps falling apart. I sent it in numerous times and its still falling off. It rakes 2 months to get it bck everytime its sent off. It’s 2014 now and I’m still trying to get it fixed right. I spent over $1200. On a $500 watch. The first time I sent it off to get fixed they swapped my new titanium band out with a new stainless steel band and thought I wouldn’t notice. After realizing my watch was a lot lighter than before I took it bck to a store and compared it to a newer one and found out wht they tried to do to me. After complaining they gave a new one. However the band on this new one is still falling apart. Citizen costumer service sucks. Now my whole watch is falling apart inside and out from all the times it’s been fixed. I never got a chance to experience wht a new citizen watch felt like cause mines spent the first two years in costumer service just for the band problems. Its never been fixed correctly from day one till now. After all theses issues you’d think they’d resolve this issue correctly but they said my warranty is up so I have to keep paying out of pocket now. Thing about tht is I’m paying over and over for the band to be fixed right. I have 3 bands now each worth $150 each but are useless cause the titanium pins keep braking. So according to citizen I have to keep buying new bands each time cause they won’t fix certain pins. Coincidently it’s the pins tht keep falling out of my watch. If I didn’t have so much money invested I’d throw it bck at the retailer for free. Ill never buy another citizen watch especially since they won’t do business right. The big guy is always trying to take advantage if the smaller guy I get tht. But golly how much money do they really need before they start treating customers fairly. The govt needs to get involved in issues like these cause this is highway robbery if I’ve ever seen it. But if I did something like tht is be locked up quicker than u think. Citizen watch company, sucks. Anyone tht says otherwise must not own one.

  2. I have 4 Citizen watches and they all have been great. Best watches I own and that includes my Omega, ESQ’s, Sturhling, Guess Collection, Tommy Bahama’s, etc….

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