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How To Contact City Furniture Customer Service

City Furniture is The Ultimate Furniture Store, offers excellent quality home furnishings at outstanding values, and friendly, efficient service in beautiful, fun to shop showrooms. 1-866-930-4233


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  1. I give the sales man 5 stars. the delivery however gets no stars. They were late, damaged my walls and did not give me my paper work. I spoke to customer service and was told that I had to e mail a copy of my identification to them and the warranty company would send my paper work. In my opinion they should have had the delivery person turn around ad deliver my paper work which was part of his job instead of having me fix the problem and having to re[air my wall

  2. I purchased a sofa and two chairs from City Furniture for $3,500. the furniture was infested with termites, they claim their policy is that they do not cover termites and will not replace the defective furniture..DO NOT BUY FROM THIS ORGANIZATION.

  3. I purchased a reclining sofa that doesn’t work properly. Once the leg rest is raised, it’s almost impossible to get it down. I had to get off and push it back down using both hands. For someone with a bad back, that’s ridiculous. I notified City Furniture via e mail the very same day it was delivered. I was having phone issues and people could call in but I couldn’t make outgoing calls. After about 3 emails, someone responded and stated they’d have customer service get in touch. So it’s quite obvious they were receiving all the information. In the interim, I received news that my youngest brother died of a massive heart attack. I did use my neighbor’s phone, solely to talk with my family. She would have let me call City but I was having a difficult time holding a conversation. However, I did send Henry Avila a clear description of my problem. It took a couple more days for him to get back to me. He said that the sofa had to be inspected and someone would get back to me AGAIN to set up an appt. I answered all his questions and provided dates I would be home. That was 4 days ago. I’ve heard nothing. Comcast rectified my phone issue on 11/9th and I immediately sent City my new phone #. I’ve already received the bill for a sofa that can not be used for the purpose I wanted. Horrible customer service. As I pointed out to them in the numerous emails, an acceptable form of communication, no one buys a car with 3 wheels or a coat with one sleeve. Buyer beware..

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