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  1. Was locked out of my 2009 Enclave last night – tying up a handicap spot – keys were in the ignition – OnStar person transferred me to Buick Roadside Assistance – explained to the woman who answered that I had left my keys in the ignition…that I have had a knee replacement that wasn’t a great success along with the other knee needing to be replaced – and that I had recently had my third back surgery and needed to get into the vehicle – I am unable to stand for even a short length of time. She said that would ‘be no problem’ but needed a VISA card or other charge card and would get me in right away after charging $69.99! My warranty is off the car…she then transferred me to a ‘man’ who was even worst than her….I did advise both of these people that I did expect to pay (but only about half that amount) – neither one of these two Buick representatives would help me in any way without paying the $69.99. I did advise both these representatives that I am going to purchase another vehicle – planned on another Enclave – but after being treated like this and left standing at the vehicle, I will not be purchasing a GM vehicle. They could of cared less that they left a handicapped person standing outside the car…and they could have easily allowed me access. I understand there is a price for everything these days, but I won’t be contributing a dime towards their pay. Ford can look for me. Would like to post a review – would Twitter be the best place? Thanks.

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